The Tornado Outbreak In Michigan, As It Occurred Live – 8/24/23

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In this live stream, we are breaking down ongoing severe weather in the United States. This severe weather event could bring significant damaging winds, large to very large hail, and tornadoes. This is a live weather channel.





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  1. Thank you! I feel like alot of online meteorologist tend to skip over Michigan because we tend not to produce a whole lot. But once in a while we get nights like this night… SEVEN TORNADOS! I had to shelter down at work. So scary.. and my usual guy wasnt covering it! Ill be subscribing ❤

  2. I just found your feed. I live in Gregory Mi about 12 miles south of Fowlerville. I noticed you said when the tornado was in Williamston on the ground it was unwarned. I want you to know that this is the 4th time this year we have needed to take cover and had not working, or sirens 15 min after the storm went through. Even with this, it was only about 1 min before things got bad here . Things went from no wind to intense wind in seconds. I don't know what is going on but the warning system in my area is not working. We were able to take cover just in time. We had a tree come down on part of our house and our deck.

  3. We had same thing going on here around clarkston and even north. I 75 was flooding, power going out everywhere, people as well as myself hitting flooded spots on 75 and crashing. I pray for the other people on 75 that night. Hope they got out of it better than i did

  4. In Porterville MI, no power for 4 days. Some coworkers aren't expected to have power for another several days. Absolutely crazy for our area. so glad everyone for the large part stayed safe

  5. Thursday night was just flat out SCARY here in Michigan! I live in Delhi Township….it was BAD!!! As far as the lightning….I have NEVER seen lightning like that in Michigan. It was nonstop. It never stopped. I’ve lived here for 44 years….this storm was INSANE!

  6. I tuned in to this video when the Williamston tornado began forming. I was near Hamburg at the time, seeing this thing heading our way was frightening. Shortly after, at 1:38:55, you highlighted radar-indicated rotation almost exactly where we were, and the wind coming in at that moment was so intense that we ran into our safest interior closet (in a trailer home). Didn't seem to be any major damage in the neighborhood afterward, except for plenty of tree branches and leaves thrown about around the neighborhood. Thanks for streaming this live! It was hard for me, even with a stormchasing and meteorological background, to monitor the storms coming in at that time by any other means. We got lucky this time, but the sheer amount of tornadoes to hit our county this year has been insane for Michigan.

  7. You need an Geolog ingeniør for too find out about this Tornadoes Oh yes, the green color is tornados area Thank u Mr. weatherman Your Radar support Norwegian/ Europeen signals🇳🇴Its a secret😎Have a nice Saturday

  8. The Pink color is Tornado s Areas Not sure what the green color is for? Red color Stay Away from Area/ What about peopel who live ther? Are they Evakuert from houses?Its a good weather map u give Sir,even for an person from an from another part of your world,who travelling Can this Tornadoes take house? Is August the part of the year this Tornadoes is worse? Jesus,this is Bad Take care Everyone

  9. I took a picture of the storm that hit grand rapids in Holland and it was the most beautiful picture but I dont know how to edit so I can't show you because it has my street on it but it was cool. I was chasing it until we watch a storm cross over the lake.

  10. Thank you so much for saving me a tornado basically hit my house 1:58:31 is when it hit me I was at the summit doing some work for school an the I just hear tornado sirens and everyone started panicking so there was a bathroom and it was small VERY SMALL and everyone went in there in then a tree just falls and we all dipped in then we heard it’s roar and it was very load.

  11. i was driving on 96 at about 9:309:40, tons of lightning but no rain. I was RIGHT by williamston, 23 MI from Lansing. It was silent and all of a sudden my phone starts giving the scary alarm “EH EH EH TORNADO ALERT” and then WHOOOOOOSH 0 fr visibility, the wind would gust and it was like a tsunami wave over the freeway. Felt helpless first time in my life. I wanted to get out of there i kept going. I saw ppl under bridges i couldn’t remember if that was a myth or not. Followed a semi thru it all. Aftermath there were HUNDREDS of cars wrecked on the side of the road. Semi’s flipped left and right. I believe i was just south but not sure. It was so sad once it cleared seeing the damage

  12. Wanted to come back and thank you for all that you do. I live in the Brownstown area of Southeast Mi and because of your broadcast I was able to get my family into a safe place before the tornado warning hit my area. Thank you again.

  13. We had a football game and as part of the band it made things more dangerous. And I was color guard so my flag was going crazy. When the game was canceled we headed back to school and when we got in our band room the tornado siren started. We were all freaking our and even some people were crying. We all felt bad for our band teacher because the tornado was right on his house with his wife and kid

  14. Newport villa mobile home park on telegraph rd just south of newport rd in newport was hit by the tornado (ash, Berlin & Frenchtown township) all come together in that area as does I-75, I-275 & telegraph rd(I-24)

  15. Wake up Americanos This weather and Storms and Flomming water and Tornadoes and chances temprature is of the reason of The climate No matter if u will see the realitey or not Read you Holly Bibel🇳🇴




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