The Solus Job VR Critique – The Extreme Climate Simulator

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In this movie I am examining The Solus Task, a fantastic survival adventure recreation with VR assist.


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  1. Before I post about the head strap I wish to say I bought this on Steam some time ago and what impresses me the most is the feeling of being on a deserted planet. I love the view from the high cliff at ocean, the sound of it. Very intimate experience being there alone. They've made the best waves I have seen in VR game. You can feel being there. I recommend this game totally. Other than that, I wish to share some good stuff I am using myself and can produce on demand also for other people. Windows Mixed Reality headsets, but also Oculus Rift S and Vive Cosmos are uncomfortable, unfortunately. So I designed a remedy to this problem – With my head strap you get super comfort and no need to tighten the rear dial till your eyes pop out, forehead gets a red stamp and the lenses become foggy 🙂 It is also easier with narrow sweet spot of WMR goggles. Once you set up your strap it hangs on your head at the same height all the time. I designed and produced this head strap out of frustration. I liked Odyssey+, but it was so uncomfortable to wear. Also whenever somebody asked me to show VR to him I had to turn the rear dial and deregulate it each and every time. Annoying thing to do. Now I have no problem with VR goggles, as now I wear these like a baseball cap. No need to tighten the rear dial anymore, plus super comfort. I do not make a big business on this, rather treat it as help to others. My mother is making these with her sewing machine in her spare time 🙂

  2. I got bored of this game. I think I played like 90 minutes. I was playing with survival stuff on which admittedly I'm not a fan of but I was just soooo bored of walking and nothing happening.

  3. TSP is a fantastic game IMO with a very interesting story if you take the time to read every log. The weather effects are absolutely AMAZING, probably the best I've seen in any VR game so far. I have played it 2-3 times and it looks incredibly crisp too, the graphics and effects are really something. I'd totally recommend this game for anyone who's into exploration and who enjoy seeing great landscapes; it's also quite long too. Another great review, by the way!

  4. Looking forward to playing this. I've had it in my backlog of unplayed games for ages after picking it up in a sale. Great to know that you can turn the survival play off (probably the reason I haven't got around to trying it yet!) and just enjoy exploring the world, which is what I like best about VR. The fact that it was not designed for VR doesn't bother me – I'm one of the few VR players who finds seated gamepad VR as immersive as motion tracked roomscale… maybe because I grew up with black and white tv? Hell, I found pong immersive, back in the 70's!! I just don't understand people that say they can't get immersed in VR if they can't see their arms in the game….. our brain can fill in the gaps in anything if we let it.



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