The Model-NEW All-Electric powered Vanderhall Brawley Extreme Temperature Testing

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About Vanderhall
Vehicles, aside from a decide on couple, have develop into utilitarian, a beast of stress to commute, go to the fitness center, choose up groceries, the mundane issues in lifestyle. The “horse deserving of touring,” the first definition of a roadster, has turn out to be practically extinct. With their common performance and disconnection from the street, they will transport you to your destination but at the expense of your motoring soul. Vanderhall is bringing again the love affair with driving. Add your name to the checklist of these that seemed back again, to shift ahead via Vanderhall ownership. Push passionately.

At Vanderhall, we think we have created–revitalized, a driving encounter that returns the motorist to the golden age of motoring–driving for the sake of driving. In the early times of motoring, the thrill was in the come to feel of the road. Running a vehicle that produced you want to be a portion of it. If we could transportation a Vanderhall back in time to the early times of motoring, they would marvel, but they would really feel it belongs.

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  1. Looks like a prototype in the vids… Hopefully the production model will get closer to the style and finish of the renderings. Great concept so far!

  2. Hey Vanderhall, how about a 2 seater version with some proper rear storage/trunk space to bring along pets or camping ,hunting, fishing, climbing, hiking or recovery gear !

  3. IMO the suspension/valving looks a bit soft esp the rear @ 00:34 with one occupant. Add in 4 people and a cooler and that 20" of travel vanishes. Hopefully they will sort out and upgrade various areas before its debut launch.

  4. Looking awesome guy's!! I donated a Benjamin to be on the list months ago. I can't wait to get my hands on this luxurious electric monster!! I'm only minutes away from y'all too. Please let me know when I can come get mine!!

  5. How do you recharge out in the middle of nowhere.? If you find a recharging station , how long will take to recharge, and if you find a recharging station how long will it take too recharge? Electric vehicles are find, but there are not enough recharging stations around. What happens when you are traveling , say from texas to kansas and can't find a charging station or if you do find a charging station and there are several other vehicles waiting to recharge how long will it take to recharge? No I don't see the practicality of electric vehicles.

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