The Issue: Intense weather conditions triggers problems above climate change

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With lethal floods and heatwaves battering the planet, U.S. climate envoy John Kerry reported the U.S. must cooperate with China on cutting down carbon emissions. What could the two nations around the world do to avert local weather catastrophe? Why do they want to work together to handle the local weather disaster?

Wu Changhua
Executive Director, Specialist Association for China’s Atmosphere

Thomas Gehl
President, ChildWise International Corporation

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  1. I have asked for 25years, will humans use intelligence and thought to ensure the continuation of life giving resources or not act until the earth forces change as with all other species. So far, not.
    All so called leaders are still blaming anyone else and expecting others to lead us into a world able to support current life. We have swapped intricate, complex sustainable life for unsustainable dead money that can't be swapped back.

  2. Usa is poluting the whole world by blowing up 1000s bombs all over the world everyday
    N the usa military industries testing 1000s toxic gases n bio weapons spreading germs diseases bacterias n viruses also poisonous nerves gases throughout the world

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  4. Look at the US and Canada, more than a million acres of forest still burning. This contribute to global warming. More moisture being sucked up to the atmosphere thus forming huge clusters of rain clouds. The flooding in Europe, India, Japan and China, maybe more to come. No thanks to those contributions from them. If both Canada and US cannot look after their own forests from burning, instead blaming other countries. Come on man, water your forest.

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  6. No I don't have an apple ID. But guess what when I tried to create on India was on the back end talk about cyber security threat it isn't Russia or China and I don't think India is the threat either as her supervisor was EU. Looks like the only threat to democracy is the EU

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  8. do big strong countries hv other choice…. no… work 2gather 2find a way of how 2replenished …. resetting of new norm of earth…. how can it be storm rainfall happen in same time all over the world…. scientist 2hv common sense…. more bigger powerful devastating co cal mother natures is on the making….

  9. New segment idea: China CCP defectors to the U.S. You can start with Dong Jing-Wei, who tells U.S. Gov’t that China CCP has now interfered in 3 presidential elections: S. Korea (Moon), the Philippines (Duterte), & the U.S.(sleepy joe). These are Acts of War!

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  11. In an ideal world China and the Whitehouse would work together on climate change, but given USA constant refusal to rise to that challenge, China are going to have go it alone, and show the world that China are world leaders on climate change. Respect



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