The Catastropic Effects Of Super Tornados & Mega Storms | Mutant Weather | Spark

Most weather phenomena like tornadoes and hurricanes rely on temperature differentials to grow in size. As the planet’s temperature rises, the warmer surface layer of our oceans is providing the fuel for larger and more destructive storms. A with warmer oceans, storms are getting bigger and more destructive than ever before.

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  1. I lost my mom in hurricane Andrew. Dad was out of the picture. Some people my knew took me in. Been through many storms and tornadoes. Maby surviveing Andrew and seeing Twister kicked off my love of tornadoes.

  2. Turned this bs off near immediately. I get it and agree 100%, we need to be more responsible. But I'm curious how tf we can base so much off of just a few decades of data?… We didn't even have the tech to track these things until the 90's lol.
    Ice core samples over the actual long term refelct something different than we're being fed regarding this "man made climate change" bs.

    On God, if a comet hits us and throws us out of this inter glacial period and causes worldwide temps to collapse, they'll say, "See, told you, now be a good slave and do wtf we say."

  3. I live in Dallas originally from North Carolina I lived in New York the lady that survived Katrina her and her beautiful family moving forward always remember to come more in land Dallas is a perfect spot from hurricanes because it's more inland yes we have our fair share of tornadoes but a hurricane just take the whole entire area there's no escaping it if you wait too late

  4. Another deceiver pushing the climate change narrative and the lie about fossil fuels which don’t even exist. Anyone who believes this garbage i feel sorry for you. The practice of geo engineering has had the largest effect on our weather along with weather warfare. That definitely does exist!

  5. The Villages… you guys are my neighbors. The lightning is ridiculous down here. Now we had an earthquake. I know there’s faults all around our state,but Braden… after you get blasted by lightning nothing works the same anymore. I got struck in Ohio. It’s good you don’t remember. I wish I didn’t remember what I do! Godspeed!

  6. March 1, 1997 Little Rock Arkansas got hit by EF4 and those things don't leave anything standing. Sounded like a fighter jet. It was .8 mile wide. I feel for anyone that has to go through one.

  7. I'm so confused how is 70 some odd years of data not enough as the man said to at least move forward on determineing why these storms form. Or why they are stronger and happening more often dont get me wrong i absolutely appreciate and have the upmost respect for the storm chasers and meteorologists that do the job concerning these storms and only wish safety for them butit seems the data they risk their lives for is not being used by scientist like it should .

  8. You should keep up to date about tornado Alley and Dixie Alley because south Carolina and North Carolina ha e been added I know because I'm in south Carolina and have been in five tornadoes in 2023 and the odd part was that was in January which is not the. Typical season for tornadoes but all together we had 13 just in my area alone which is definitely am uptick

  9. They always want to blame "climate change", and yes, the climate of the Earth has changed many times since it's been in existence, hence the various ice ages, global floods, etc. When the climate has changed dramatically in the past, it didn't require us to be driving around in cars, burning gas, or oil, or whatever story they like to use to make us feel guilty and ultimately, use as an excuse for controlling the population and collecting more taxes. I wish they'd talk about the weather modification our government uses via cloud seeding, chem-trailing, HAARP, etc. THEY are changing our weather. On purpose. Because that's what humans + our fallen nature + money + power always results in: people trying to control things and trying to be God. They start messing with Creation and altering it, like they're doing in labs with gene editing, splicing, and cloning, etc. There's been an uptick in crazy weather because they're actively doing things that are designed to affect it and change it! That's the truth! There are government documents that are publicly available to access and read about the subject. They even have Senate hearings and meetings to discuss the weather and climate control stuff. The grids you see crisscrossing the sky every day are NOT NORMAL and they're NOT jet plane contrails!! Those dissipate very quickly because they're primarily water vapor. The ones that stick around and very slowly spread out making the whole sky hazy after a few hours when the day started off clear and blue- THOSE are chem-trails! I've even seen them create patterns, or they start, then stop, then start again. Normal contrails never do that crap! There are even international legal agreements between countries that they will not use weather warfare against each other, for those who still think it's a "conspiracy theory". There's nothing "theory" about it. They just won't admit it or talk about it point blank. It's hidden in plain sight. There was a whole spread I read not very long ago in some mainstream media outlet about Bill Gates and his plans for blocking out the sun using chemtrails. They're doing it, people. It's got nothing whatsoever to do with carbon dioxide!! The Earth is greener when there's more CO2. That's just science 101. We learned that in elementary school! I'm not saying that there aren't things we're doing that harm the environment. We absolutely are: overfishing, the copious amounts of trash and plastic ending up in landfills and the ocean, the deforestation of jungles and old growth forests, etc. Yes. We have some things to work on. But burning gas and oil is NOT causing the climate to change! Stop being guilt tripped by the criminals who ARE causing the climate to change!! They've had technology that can trigger earthquakes for decades now. This stuff I'm talking about is old tech and old news, but just like they denied the reality of UFOs and "aliens", only to now be admitting their reality, the same thing is happening in many, many other areas. If the politicians and "lawmakers" are talking, rest assured, they're lying to you.

  10. i can remember one summer's day.I needed to go to the store.We'd had a bad storm the night before, the next day I went out in the back yard,and saw where the lightening had plowed a furrow in the ground 6 inches long! I was shocked! It also its my trees in the back yard quite often. It had hit my spruce, and my oak looked,and the sap is fused,but the line was longer,and when I looked at my trees there was a black line, and lightening had blown the bark off of my trees

  11. You know hurricane sandy Barack Obama signed an order to seed the storm when it was about to die off the Carolina coast ! The sea temperature was around 54 degrees so it would have died out but he had it seeded. You can check bouy temps and even get the information where Barack Obama signed the order to seed the storm,so you can thank Obama new York for that one.

  12. Not Climate Change. Constellation change. Every 26,000 years. Earth one full circle. Welcome to the future leaving Pisces Constellation, water, cardinal into Aquarius Constellation, air, fixed. Were not educated for this. But we are fast learners. Aquarius Constellation known as the Future.

  13. its ashame the human race cant stop all the fighting. come together and fix this $hit with all that war money, its really the only way, only 1 person cant be helped (little fat boy in north korrea) Kim !

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