The April 5, 2022 Twister Outbreak, As It Happened…

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  1. Blessings Ryan I am watching Homestead Heart in Georgia, she said she thanked God for you as you informed them that the tornado was on the ground and they knew how to prepare, what you are doing Sir is ministry, God bless you Pamela Dobson aka Mama Pam of SMRFamily International Ministry here on YouTube daily M-F 7pm PST

  2. Thank you so much Ryan. I was in the middle of that Lexington, SC tornado warning. I was terrified. But thanks to you, I was able to take shelter quicker than my phone was able to let me know that I was in a tornado warning.

    The tornado lifted before it got to me, thank goodness, but still. Thank you for what you do. ❤️🤗

  3. We had some interesting weather this morning in TN, woke up and it was 44 with snow falling. Idk how that is even possible but yeah that happened for 5 minutes, decent size flakes to.

  4. Thanks for Gettin It And Diggin It. I just learned of you from the Homestead Hearts. I know where I’ll be tuned into from now on! You have a great Crew. Very accurate

  5. 08:35:00 Cliff Horton’s Porch Tornado 🌪 Experience in Ellabelle, SC.

    08:36:24 👈 This reaction is SO HILARIOUS!! Your look of both humor and also major confusion!! I think we all felt like this the first time we saw this!! 🤣👏🏻👏🏻 I also love how you very kindly, and humorously, advised not filming outside like this. You are a class act.

    I LOVED the “there went the roof!” 🤣 08:47:24 👈 The memes of your reactions! 🤣👏🏻

    Cliff seems like a kind man (major kudos to him for not cussing and using God’s name in vain!!)—We now know he was locked out, but I wish he had ducked down and protected himself, but it seems like he got out okay. 🙏🏻

    Thank you to @Megan Thomas for graciously looking up the time stamp so I could see this! 💕

  6. Ryan::: You've Got to go n watch
    Homestead Heart ❤️❤️❤️
    She praised you for saving her n her families lives during the last tornadoes that hit GA.



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