The April 4th, 2023 Severe Weather Outbreak, As It Happened…

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  1. I have to say I was a little frustrated tonight with coverage. It’s been heading toward ppl in Oklahoma I know and all of a sudden the chaser was heading west. ? I understand why. I just wonder what happened to the other ppl out chasing.

  2. Jim Cantore from the weather channel should have thought of the very thing you're doing. I guess you kick him in the pants and you didn't have to lift a bunch of weights to get pumped up LOL ?

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  4. Anybody know of videos from any victims that aren't from the news? I'm looking for people that need stuff to donate clothes and toys to and don't like or trust the big rescue help (red cross, samaritan's purse), there has to be local groups or churches in the states around Ohio that I could drive and drop stuff to.

  5. ryan i wanted to say this in the video but i was on switch neway at 2:50:51 when that warning was issued I WAS THERE MAN i heard thos sirens it was the most recongnized ive been in a while at 2:50:53 i was so happy that you meniond my city ty

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  7. I wish either you or ANdy had lived stream Wed. storms. Three touched down here in Louisville KY. NWS is still suveying damage to determine if more touched down. They did not issue any warnings until 15 mins. after the first one touched down and the other two were on the ground. The second and third ones touched down about four miles from me. I was not aware of the tornadoes until they were on the ground and my phone went off telling me we were under a tornado warning. Apparently the state you live in being in a enhanced risk Wed.afternoon was not worth you doing a live stream Wed.

  8. I watch my local internet meteorologist and Ryan. They stay calm. Release facts. TV guys get people so scared that people don't know what to do. God bless everyone that lost loved ones, everything. I hope you can find some comfort in God and people. The only good thing about tornadoe ally. The people.

  9. Lewistown got extremely lucky as the tornado shifted a bit north and just got nicked on the north side of town. The next town, Bryant, wasn't as lucky as they took a hit. NWS rated it as EF-3. The remnants of the first tornado then went more north towards my town of Canton. Finally ended a couple miles SW of me.

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