The 5/19/22 Intense Climate Outbreak, As It Happened…

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  1. Just to tell y’all I live in that but their was no tornado don’t believe things like this if u get scared unsubscribe and don’t come back to this channel some are true because the one at December 10-11 2021 it was real my neighborhood was destroyed not my house tho because I was in the back the middle was the most destroyed not the front either

  2. Just found your channel from a comment on a video summarizing the December 2021 tornado outbreak ("the deadliest ever *in December*"). Someone was commenting about how you save lives with your livestreams by sometimes getting the news of warnings and stuff out sooner than the local news stations can sometimes, and that you should be better known for it / we should all go watch and share with our friends, because you never know who may need to tune in!

    For reference, it's currently 4:42AM on Saturday, May 21st 2022. (I woke up 40min ago and couldn't fall back asleep so decided to watch some relaxing Pecos Hank vids, and here I am binging tornado and severe weather content?). I live a bit north of Cincinnati OH and we've had a couple thunderstorms in the last few nights, but I hadn't heard or realized that y'all had quite a night just a few days ago! Hope everyone affected is doing ok!

  3. Mount carmel Illinois got hit last night. I live in albion 20 miles west of Mount Carmel and I stopped watching and all hell broke loose. The wind was so strong I took the kids to the basement and waited it out. Then found out about the tornado 20 minutes later. Makes me wonder if it wasn't trying to form over us before hand

  4. Ryan quit Wolfgang your food down. Let your great team spend more time on while you eat. It's not healthy for you and I suspect you are diabetic and you should get checked. Let your stomach settle my friend. The world doesn't end when one of us are missing.

  5. I left Sikeston, MO at 4:30pm EDT and traveled up I-57 to Effingham, I-70 to Indy, staying just ahead of that monster storm, getting weather alerts the whole time.

  6. Leave it to a grown man in Minnesota to have a tape measure in centimeters. One of the only states that would still vote blue if men only voted ..

  7. 2:40:30 TOO WAY TO CLOSE FOR COMPFORT FOR ME….. IM IN DAYTON KY/Bellevue/Newport / Cincinnati OHIO AREA . and i go to Covington a lot @ 6:30AM EDT for Treatment so Way to clsoe for comfort here

  8. we got nothing in where I live lighting and 3 instances where I saw 3 clouds of small rotation and vanish away before it

  9. I love all your videos-and don’t feel bad I’m a rambler as well I tell extremely detailed story’s not on purpose but by nature ? I’m sure what ever and how ever you guys do the videos it will be greatness thanx for all you guys do

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