Temperature Xtreme for 03-27-2022

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The ABC 33/40 Weather Xtreme video clip is a comprehensive temperature discussion for Alabama and the Southeast U.S. From James Spann and the team of meteorologists at ABC 33/40.


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  1. I lived in Gadsden from June 1958 to June 1961. My dad was the business manager on Weiss Dam.

    The only bad thing I can think about from living in Alabama, before we moved to Montana, was the blasted tornado watches, but I can’t ever recall a tornado warning for the Gadsden. I’ve always wondered if that’s because of how the city is situated, surrounded by high hills.

    I also wonder if you have heard of two events that occurred in Gadsden and North Alabama when we lived there.

    1. One was an unbelievably bad ice storm on Ash Wednesday, March 2, 1960.

    It was unusual in the fact that the ice was heavier on the tops of hills and low mountains, such as Lookout Mountain, by far, then it was down in the valley. Gadsden had almost 4 inches of rain that day, and the ice where where we lived was over 2 inches thick on everything.

    I got out of school early, and my mom and dad and I went home for a while. If you went down 100 yards from where we lived in country club hills, there was no ice. Then, if you went up 100 yards the ice was all over. We had tall pine trees in our yard that were actually bent down to the ground already.

    When the power went off, we left. It was hard to find a motel, because so many people from Lookout Mountain had also left, but we finally found one.

    The ice storm was also terrible on Monte Sano in
    Huntsville: Werner von Braun and family were taken from their house there by helicopter.

    2. The other main event that occurred when we were there in terms of weather was in I think February, but I know the year was 1961. It was a tremendous flood on the Coosa, since the dam and not been finished yet. The flood waters went all the way down to where the Alabama river is Farm. Well that’s enough, but you should look up these two events in case you don’t already know about them.

    PS I still love Alabama. I’m a retired lawyer, and my best friend from Catholic school in Gadsden also became a lawyer, along with another guy. My friend is retired, like I am, and lives in Hoover. I would love to get down there one last time to see him and see more of the state.




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