Temperature Events 2020 – 50k lightning strikes very last night (United kingdom) – BBC Information – 11th August 2020

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50,000 lightning strikes across the Uk very last evening and a lot of silent kinds also. Or thunder and no lightning.

For what took place the subsequent night time (2) a lot more dramatic pics, movie and information:

Section of the “Weather conditions Situations (generally severe) 2018+” sequence (on this channel), See enjoy record “Climate Functions normally extreme) 2018+” for far more. Contains studies, unconventional & unseasonal occurrences.


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  1. my driveway was hit by lightning that night and since my bedroom is at the front of my house i got a really good view of the single lightning strike as it hit the ground , i honestly think i was blinded completly for a few seconds after seeing the purple lightning shoot right past my window, the sound was just as loud as the videos from the Beirut blast as well




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