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    What can EXTREME WEATHER tell us about CLIMATE CHANGE? | Newsround

    From sweltering heatwaves, to devastating floods, the world has experienced a number of extreme weather events in recent years that have had a huge impact on people’s lives. Experts at the Met Office – the UK’s national weather service – have said that “many factors can contribute to extreme weather events. Some of these are […] More

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    Extreme Weather Expert: How Climate Change is Intensifying the Winter Storms Slamming California

    As another atmospheric river impacts California on January 4th and 5th — with more rain forecast after that — Michael Wehner, a senior scientist in the Computational Research Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, discusses how climate change is increasing the rainfall from these drenching storms and how people can better prepare. Wehner uses observational […] More

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    Floods, Wildfires & Other Extreme Weather Events; Is Climate Change Behind July Devastation? BUZZ

    The State of the Global Climate 2022 report, published by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), found that extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity around the world. But we don’t need any report to tell us this. This truth is unveiling in plain sight now. Just look at some of the extreme weather […] More

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    Rising heat wave increases risk of extreme weather; Deadly floods in Brazil | WION Climate Tracker

    Global average sea surface temperature has hit a record high of 21.1 degrees Celsius, which could lead to fiercer hurricanes and typhoons. #climate #climatechange #WION About Channel: WION The World is One News examines global issues with in-depth analysis. We provide much more than the news of the day. Our aim is to empower people […] More

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    Heatwaves ravage Asia, climate protesters disrupt Berlin | DW News

    The World Metereological Organisation says the last eight years have been the hottest on record. Asia has been hit especially hard by rising temperatures. Climate change is also linked to other extreme weather events, such as the flooding that devastated Pakistan earlier this year. Critics say governments are not doing enough to tackle global warming. […] More

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    How should we adapt to extreme weather caused by climate change? | Inside Story

    Scientists have long warned climate change will make extreme weather events more frequent. At least 150 people have died in floods across Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Forest fires are burning through Siberia, and wildfires in Canada and the United States could trigger the fourth heatwave in just a month. So how should we, and […] More

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    Climate Change: How prepared is Europe for extreme weather? – BBC Newsnight

    As wildfires rage in Greece and Italy registers record temperatures, what impact is climate change already having on Europe and how prepared are governments for what the future holds? Please subscribe HERE Two days after the IPCC called climate change a ‘code red for humanity’ Europe has reported what would be its ‘highest ever’ temperature – […] More

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    Extreme weather and climate change explained | CBC Kids News

    Tornadoes, hurricanes, heatwaves and floods are all different types of severe weather. Scientists say that weather is getting more extreme because of the warming ocean waters created by climate change. CBC Kids News contributor Caden Teneycke spoke with Canadian meteorologist and storm chaser Mark Robinson to better understand how these weather patterns work. This is […] More

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    Climate change fueling summer’s extreme weather

    Parts of the world are lurching from drought to deluge in a summer of extreme weather likely goosed by human-caused climate change. (Aug. 23) Subscribe for more Breaking News: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: ​ You can license this story through AP Archive: source #extreme #extremeweather #lightning #weather #weatherwtf More

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