Surviving a Tornado in our RV 🌪 Significant Temperature in RV ⛈ RV Dwelling

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Surviving a Tornado in our RV 🌪 Serious Weather conditions in RV ⛈ RV Residing / RV Diem
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RV Rookies and Whole Time RV Residing. We just seasoned and survived our very first twister in our Class A RV Motorhome. Serious Climate, Tornadoes and Tornado Warnings although living in an RV complete time when staying at Thousand Trails 3 Flags RV Resort in Wildwood Florida (just outdoors of The Villages, FL). Every person in the RV Park survived and is all right. Thank God!

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  1. Been thru that before. Even in a house it's terrifying. God answered ur prayer. He kept it up in the air so it didn't touch the campground. So thankful.

  2. I was wondering why no one had picked up and put away all those projectile objects BEFORE the warning, back when it was a watch. That’s standard operating procedure and warning given with any wind storm, hurricane, tropical storm, tornado. Flying projectiles! Yikes.

  3. Wow that was pretty mild as far as storms go, I’m glad everyone is ok. We lived thru a tornado and when it was over there were many rigs on their sides. One caught fire ☹️😞. No loss of life but injuries.

  4. Woah!! Thank God you’re okay!! Two years ago, we were in Myrtle Beach when a Hurricane came up the West coast of Florida. We only got the winds but it was a hairy night. The next morning on the beach we were all talking. The general consensus was that we should have pulled our slides in, which we hadn’t!! Did you guys pull your slides in?

  5. Last year on Memorial Day weekend we were camping in Iowa when they were predicting bad storms were going to hit and they did, it wasn’t just storms the tornado sirens were going off. A tornado touched down about 10 miles away from us. We put everything away and pull the slides in grab necessary important stuff we may need and wait to see how bad it gets and if we need to head to the shower house or whatever shelter the campgrounds may have. Also we watch the radar like a hawk. So sorry you had to go thru that, brought tears to my eyes. Glad you are safe.

  6. Only stay at parks with storm shelters!
    Never stay in a RV or mobile home, go 2 a local police, fire, sheriff station. Also many churches & schools open in tornado watches & warnings. Always know ur options. No matter where U R. This video should have a DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS plastered all over it. Very dangerous & could have caused many fatalities.

  7. That's just crazy, and we had tornado warning today here in Alberta Canada but everyone is fine. Stay safe going over to read your blog Tiffany. Stay safe and travel on. Hugs

  8. Glad it all worked out, Thanks be to God. But alway find alternate shelter, bathhouse, etc, the campgound should have a emergency shelter plan. Always bring in the slides before leaving the RV for a safer location, I am very surprised to see that many RV's still with their slides out. Remember the less frontal mass area for the wind to hit the coach the better I call it "Turle Up". We live in SE Michigan and tornados are somewhat common, all campgrounds here have an emergency shelter plan in place. It's up the the RV owner to ask ahead of time what measures they have in place and were the nearset shelter is.

  9. Do you pray in real life or just when there is a TORNADO right outside the front door? Just curious. I am glad He answered your prayer! Her crying made it believable that it was quite a scary situation. Stay safe. God Loves you.

  10. How scary!! I was crying a little bit with you. So glad you're ok.

    That big branch is what you call a widow-maker. In our tent camping days we were always aware of them. Didn't really think about it since we got a travel trailer, but I guess you need to be just as aware.

  11. I know this was scary and I’m glad you made it. I had this tornado warning when in Bay Lansing near Dallas at the beginning of quarantine. We ran to the laundry room and junked down in that room. It was the only permanent structure(I had laundry in machines anyway) so scary. I’ve outrun hurricanes in the trailer but you have a lot more warning.
    Blessing, thanks for sharing.

  12. They tell you that it sounds like a train coming! It does! When it went over the house, (we were on the second floor) I was in and out of a sound sleep and I remember thinking “oh it’s the train!” Suddenly it dawned on me and my eyes flew open! A train! The train! The frightening part was the realization that there were no train tracks for miles around us!!
    You pray! Ther e was no running to the basement! We were out of time! Yes you cry and you pray and you feel like your heart is beating out of your chest! The tornado passed over the house as it headed East dropping debris as it passed over! It took things from one to wn and set them down two counties over! That included a checkbook and pen that made the news! It picked it off a kitchen table and dropped it in someone’s garden 25 miles away!

  13. I hate to scare you anymore than the storm did, but living in the area (till we head out going north), I have to say that was strong straight line winds or a downburst. These are often thought of as tornadoes, but no tornadoes were reported. We have experienced many straight line winds episode at our northern home. The 1st time in 1999, it sounded like a train coming, 3 in the morning, almost blew windows out of our house. Lots of damage to roofs, anything not permanently attached and had lots of trees down. Wind was registered at 85mph coming across the lake with nothing to stop it. 4 yrs ago, it happened again and a 50ft pine lost its top and landed and went thru our roof. Because I have been thru these, I know how terrifying it is. I'm glad you made it thru ok. Love following your vlog.

  14. Thanks for sharing! Such a scary moment and not sure what we will do when encountered with this. Got to always have a plan!!! and a plan B! 🙂 Hope you guys are doing better.

  15. Hello Michael and Tiffany. So glad that you guys are safe. Yes GOD’s grace gets us out of some scary and tight situations. That is why we praise HIM when HE delivers us. So I was disappointed when I heard in the video the word Holy (which is the very character of GOD) used in connection with a term of irreverence… When GOD delivers us, how about praising HIM with words of thanksgiving and adoration. Praying for you all.

  16. Wow… I’m so glad you’re all ok. This is a scary but real thing to worry about while traveling in the spring and summer months. Thank you for sharing such a raw moment with us all.

  17. 😱 Yes it’s scary especially when as I am alone with a little dog here in the Ocala/Silver Springs area in a Class A 32’ rv. Usually folks will head for the concrete structured bathhouses but that’s still risky. Best to always scout out ahead of time one’s immediate area for pet friendly hotels, schools that open for shelters (some are also pet friendly), churches, VA/DAV buildings, nearest hospital, fire station, police station, etc. We’re truly not suppose to stay within our rv’s but sometimes these storms sneak up on us and all we can do is pray. 🙏

  18. Thank God you made it ok. I can imagine what you felt as it happened . Just glad no one got hurt. I’ve been in a couple of tornado storms and survived by the grace of god. Stay Safe

  19. Hey, Welcome to Florida Summers Here in Zhills we had 3 the other day all around us. Look at Orlando Downtown had a confirmed F1.
    MyRadar at Google play store is a good free app. I told KYD about it over a year ago. Go to your Basement or Walmart and walk around till its passed. Oh yea Mt.Dora, Eustis area Leesburg not a good area to be in the summer time. That where the big Twisters happen F2 F3 types
    move to coast south Orlando, Melbourne, Big Bend area gets wet in summer all the storms come off the Gulf. Oh you don't want to be near trees better out in the open everything is a projectile so Trees are what Kill in storms here. Falling on Car, RV, Trailer. Note if you see rain going in two different directions run and hide. Oh Captain B the house in that area Block was knocked down by twister.. so Block is not safe. good luck MYK

  20. Glad you’re all ok. Several years ago we had a tornado go through our town. I was home alone with my dog. I immediately ran down to our basement right before the lights went out. We were ok, but the tornado did a lot of damage about a mile from our house. It killed one woman several towns over too. I know how scary it can be. I hope to never go through that again. I can’t imagine what it was like for you in an RV. We’ll keep you in prayer. Stay safe.




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