SURVIVAL Reality: Fireplace Anytime with these Special Bowdrill Methods (Serious Temperature)

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Bowdrill Fire Producing in a Rainstorm: from Wood until Ember till Hearth. Dylan & Julius do a minor challenge battle. Bow drill fireplace making in the rain with damp components is very challenging, so some special bow drill and birdnest tactics are applied that hopefully make us thrive in making a fire in these intense weather conditions disorders. Get pleasure from!
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  1. I keep rewatching this video its the most impressive bow drill i ever seen! xD Smooth! You should start doing more bow drill videos you have really huge talent for it.

  2. God I miss Ireland, best freeist wildest and just fresh feeling land I've ever lived, so fun as a kid too stumbling across ancient ring forts all over the place and those dark forests that are a 100% blanket of moss underfoot all around

  3. You guys take a maul to split the firewood. A flashlight to see at night, And, fail to take a butane lighter to start a fire with and dry kindling from home. You survival guys always make me laugh, with your dumbness at times.

  4. That bow drill Julius did was so impressive! First drying the board out and then not even using a birds nest! Never thought it would've worked as well as it did. Next time just collect more sticks and have them ready on a dry spot beside.

  5. nice to see a real situation scenario, every one that has been in the forrest when it has rained for a longer period knows that its even hard to get a fire started with a lighter. Right preparations is the key to success. I ususally look for pine resin when its damp. It keeps the flame alive a little bit longer

  6. Blow bro. You stopped blowing when you were stacking and left it too long. Also blow in one place continuously so you heat one area intensely rather than moving around.

  7. Hope you both are doing well since the new year. Missing new content but that is less important than your well-being. Take care, see you on the next one.



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