Sunrise Surprise

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Sunrise Surprise

This shot of the Boston skyline was taken from the Harvard Bridge over the Charles River, near the MIT campus, in early March 2016. On this visit to MIT, I figured I would get up early to see if I could get a decent sunrise shot, but doubted I would be fortunate enough to catch a good sunrise on my one-day visit. I was pleasantly surprised that there actually was a very colorful sunrise that morning, and I was glad that I didn’t "sleep in" instead of getting to campus early. I figure that even though the probability of getting a great sunrise shot on any given day may be relatively low, it is zero if I don’t at least try. It was very windy that morning, so many shots were not as crisp as I would have liked, but this one was obtained during somewhat of a brief lull in the wind. It also was very cold that morning (low 30’s), and I learned that when my fingers are numb and sunrise light is quickly changing, sticking with one lens is best. I lost the opportunity to get some great shots as I fumbled around trying to change my lens, but am glad that prior to that I managed to get some keepers.

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