Study details why extraordinary weather conditions situations are on the rise

Summers all over the world are obtaining hotter, and scientists say climate improve is to blame. Ian Lee studies for CBS2.


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  1. Reports of extreme events are up because people have no memory and no longer rely on history to measure their feelings against. Before cell phones we used to go to work in the morning and watch the news when we returned home. Too much info to verify and no time to verify leads to lies (propaganda).

  2. It's sad how we're still trying to convince the average American that climate change is, in fact, the largest crisis that the human race is facing.

  3. Check out the shift of our magnet poles ….. climate shift more like a turning point in the timeline of earch … could be very bad times ahead only time will tell !

  4. China and India are the biggest polluters in the world. China and India need to pull back. In the meantime coastal areas should be getting prepared for rising ocean levels. It takes planning. Not fear mongering and blaming.

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