Strange Clouds 2 – Extreme Weather Phenomena – 2013

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Ufo clouds…Well i dont know… But they are very close!
Maybe they are hiding behind the clouds, or maybe they produce them.. and not just the mountains….
Still, They are weird!

Music By Abakus



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  1. Wow so breathtakenly beautful music made me sleepy though haha i love watching these videos wishing i could see some of these clouds always so pretty 😀 some just dont look real but thats nature 🙂 mother earth is a strange yet beautiful place ^-^

  2. Should've seen the cloud that was over my house yesterday it was huge, nearly covered the whole sun, so I told it to fuck off and it pissed on me! can you believe it.

  3. these are harrp created clouds like the one which destroyed my town 400 lighting fires in 1 hour from a circular cloud with no rain and NO other clouds in the sky, BEWARE this is your tax dollars at work

  4. Thank you for a very enjoyable 6:14 minutes!!! Saw an awesome flying eagle cloud last summer – ran in to get camera but head was gone from formation when I got back out 🙁

  5. Amen Scott, people are so blind and just don`t want to believe in God and the last days, they would rather stick their heads in the sand, wake up world this was written 2000 years ago

  6. Living near Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood, I can tell you the circular clouds on the mountains happen ALL the time. Some of these pics, tho, made me say WHAT THE F*#K IS THAT?

  7. These clouds maybe the hiding place of UFO'S…or maybe their portal from their planet to earth. Or …they are preparing the earth people for their entrance. Let's wait and see!


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