STORMS – Countdown to a Catastrophe Pt. 3 | Total Documentary

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An global documentary sequence joins the discussion about the future of our planet. Volcanoes, earthquakes and storms. A journey to the most harmful spots on earth. Magnificent nature footage and the latest in scientific analysis.


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  1. I'm wondering how much all of these things that governments, etc have been doing to control the weather have also contributed to what we are experiencing now. Yes, those things were several years ago, but like the rock thrown into water, it takes a while for the last ripple from that to reach the shore.

  2. “Storms will always be a fact of life on our planet.” We should build only Tower cities connected to maglev Trains worldwide. Each tower has all things, to eliminate all automobiles….. and to save the earth. At least we’d all be a little safer. But first every person needs a UBI, or better yet redistribute money equally worldwide.

  3. Nature is neither benevolent nor malevolent, kind or cruel, wrathful or merciful. It simply follows the laws that govern it without thought or volition and is incapable of caring if it hurts or harms the creatures it affects. Learn that and you'll be at peace with what surrounds you.

  4. Ohh wow, Puerto Rico was hit with Hurricane Maria in September 2017. Total black out, floods over 3,000 death. January 7, 2020 hit with a 6.4 earthquake, and still shaking… Interesting 🤔

  5. "It's not nice to fool around with Mother Nature!" A serious quote like that 70's Chiffon commercial in interference with Meteorological nature in how storms are formed through hi pressure and low pressure and the jet streams in forming hurricanes and tornadoes! Cause nature will always win! No matter how hard you try to control the weather!

  6. and now hagabis on way toward japan. translates in english old witch from hell.hope God redirects storm from fookoosheema nuclear station the signs to watch for are @t we prepare our body for extreme weather we must watch our souls by trusting in Jesus work on the cross for us and his warning signs in luke 21 24 – 25 etc



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