Storm Eunice: Critical climate warnings & flood alerts across the state

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  1. I'm on the westernmost point of N.Wales. A little wind, a little rain and choppy sea. Yet the schools are shut. When I was a school kid, we'd huddle around the radio on a heavy snow morning hoping to get a day off…we rarely got it. I'm 33 so that was not exactly from another century. Don't recall getting the day off for any wind or rain event. We called it winter and we waited at a shelterless bus stop every morning with a hooded raincoat and had a laugh with our friends never thought about it. As far as I can see the biggest danger now is recycling bins blowing around. Wheelie bins were never an issue. We shouldn't let the safety maniacs throw our kids futures under a bus like this.

  2. Clevedon – howling like a hooley on the Bristol Channel, we have the day off today due to a red warning…… different to any other year, looks like the new thing to be scared of is the weather!

  3. If a reporter can stand there with hair fluttering in the wind not much of a storm. Red warning what a joke this country has come. Cmon media people it may be a bit blowy on the coast.

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