Steelers vs. Bills Playoff Game POSTPONED Due To Extreme Weather Conditions | Steelers News #shorts


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  1. The way yall getting the Dogg shit beat out of yall 🤣 😂 I see why you going for the Bill's lmao silly Browns just happy they finish ahead of us was they only goal now they in Houston getting Rape by a rookie QB 😂 🤣 😒

  2. Everyone saw the weather a week in advance this is the nfl the gridiron the kind of weather that separates the men on the field and the sissies in the office looking out the windows with sweaters on complaining there fingers are numb because your fancy water bottle is too cold . At least start a conversation about what could potentially happen. Now you trapped fans that left early because of the your putting a travel ban in place and having a game a playoff game on monday afternoon well thought out

  3. 🤡🤡🤡🤡 NFL always on some hoe shit against the steelers. you’re gonna reschedule just our game and let the chiefs game go today? yeah right bro we was ready to play….

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