Stay extreme weather conditions discussion in-route to storm chase method

Stay discussion of severe temperature possible in eastern NE down via jap KS with harmful wildfires erupting across the southern Higher Plains


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  1. Reed, if you push your side mirrors out really far you'll remove the blind spot and wont have to look over your shoulder. Just think, "should I see the same thing in the rear view and side view mirrors?" I look through parking lots and as I drive and think I may be the only one who does this. I drive 100k miles a year in a Dodge 2500 and I never have to look over my shoulder 😉
    I'm leaving little rock ar for Atlanta via tupelo at 7am ?

  2. Anyone else finds Reed extremely attractive?!?!? I tell my husband all the time , I’d pay reed just to sit and talk to me. Lmao????‍♀️??‍♀️He is very handsome, but hearing him speak, whew lawd! Anyway, thank you for your commitment to meteorology, stay safe!!

  3. Man wish I saw this earlier. I live in Kansas and got a tornado warning for my area so I was taking shelter and such but we couldn’t fully tell if there was one or not cause I live in the middle of nowhere with no sirens anywhere close to me. I’m safe luckily but it definitely was scary. Thanks for being out there reed and still doing what you can to save lives.

  4. Hey Reed, hopefully you do come to the Alexandria, LA area. I live just north of the red River in Ball, LA. Huge fan of your work. Would love to meet you. I'll be watching for live updates and hopefully meet up with you!

  5. Thank you for all you do Reed. You scared us last week. Please be safe! ❤️ My daughter is in Montgomery so I’ll be watching as usual. Nc here.

  6. Reed, your commitment to keeping us abreast of severe weather is second to none. Many years ago I had the privilege of chasing with the late Jim Leonard. I’m sure he would be impressed and proud of your work. Keep it up.

  7. Reed, I appreciate your commitment to the weather community most notably the storm chasing community! ?Hopefully you'll get some good storms here again in Mississippi! ?

  8. Nice sunglasses. Perfect.
    I hear a bunch of planes taking off and landing at a little air port near our ranch.
    You looking out for us with your sense if humour is something else. Thanks!!
    Be safe.
    Never stop chasing (what will chase you faster). Research!


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