State of emergency, excessive climate warnings as storm takes goal l GMA

The serious temperature across the state has brought ice storms, flight cancellations and new warnings as a intense new winter storm methods.
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  1. That’s why I left my state and took a vacation in Florida until spring comes back for those who can’t take a vacation from their own state good luck not making accidents when you drive ?

  2. I don't understand why companies and non essential stores don't close to keep their employees safe and take away the temptation for people to go shopping. These corporate big wigs are sitting at home while their minimum wage employees are expected to go to work. SMH

  3. Matt.24.7 but pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day. If you would like to avoid the lake of fire which burns forever, read John . 3.16.

  4. Get Trump back NOW!!! People are dying each day police are quitting, people are dying from cancer the children who were to learn language cant with face coverings suicide is up what more do you need to bring back sanity bring back Trump! Every single day counts this is a global emergency Biden and Trudeau is starting a war!

  5. " O No " it's the end of time panic and be nervous be afraid ! Freak out its even worse than covid ?????? Fake news has completely lost it !

  6. COME ON MAN to many people are clueless how to drive on ice , no surprise with the truckers the way they are hiring just anyone, most getting class a license in sunny dry states then going to ice states having never trained on them drive defense less folks

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