Stanford Scientist Reveals Affect of International Warming on Intense Weather conditions Often Underestimated

Assessment demonstrates world-wide warming is intensifying the incidence of unprecedented incredibly hot spells and downpours quicker than predicted by historical traits. New strategies for incorporating global warming into extreme weather conditions evaluation could make improvements to worldwide chance management. Examine additional:


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  1. 3° @ 10:30 am june 10th…I'm fighting global warming the best I can by wearing 2 sweaters n not having a fire…I'm starting to think we tilted again and im a bit more north…?

  2. The Arrival with Charlie sheen. Gordian tells Zane "If you can't tend to your own planet, none of you deserve to live here." Terreforming-maybe that's behind the push towards plant based foods lately. A long stretch but Hey ya never know.

  3. Global Warming ‘In a Nutshell’ —
    The photonic energy emitted by the sun as visible light and infrared radiation strikes the Earth’s surface. The visible light that is not reflected away is absorbed and, thus, converted into additional infrared radiation which is felt as heat as it is radiated into the atmosphere towards space wherein this ‘photonic energy’ begins to interact with the larger atmospheric molecules. Known as the greenhouse effect, it keeps the planet from freezing over.

    Note: An increase of larger atmospheric molecules strengthens the greenhouse effect.


    Global Warming ‘In a Nutshell’

  4. We have a long record of CO2 and it is sky high now Venus and Mars use to be more earth like life kept earth livable hope we do not push earth over the edge

  5. How do you explain this >> Tropical Africa (133,000 B.C. to 88,000 B.C.) By extracting sediment cores from Lake Malawi, one of the largest and deepest lakes on Earth, scientists determined in 2007 that sub-Saharan Africa experienced a series of mega-droughts from 135,000 to 90,000 years ago. Was this our fault?

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