Spring Forecast 2023! EXTREME Severe Weather, MAJOR Snowstorms & More… WOTG Weather Channel

Spring Forecast 2023! EXTREME Severe Weather, MAJOR Snowstorms & More... WOTG Weather Channel 7

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This is my Spring Forecast for 2023!

I breakdown the climate pattern trends… Are we trending out of LaNina? I breakdown each month’s (March through May 2023) temperature & precipitation trends. Then, I breakdown the climatology & forecasts for severe weather, snowstorms & late frost/freeze conditions through Spring.



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  1. Your prediction of above normal temps for march here in new england were wrong. No one can predict the weather more than a few days ahead of time. George Carlin was the only one who had a perfect prediction . He said its going to get dark tonight and tomorrow it will become light again. He was never wrong.

  2. No mention of the Sudden Stratospheric Warming effect which has already begun? This year the SSW is expected to bring us a substantial amount of rain or snow in the last week of February and 1st week of March. Although the amount of precipitation is hard to forecast the last SSW in 2018 brought severe cold and snow to much of the Northern Hemisphere. This year could be much worse because of the disturbingly fragmented Jet Stream. So, the next 4 weeks are set to be interesting.

  3. I hope you are wrong about the severe weather here in the Ohio Valley. Is the uptick in severe weather because we are going from a LaNina pattern to Enso Neutral? Thank you so much for the video.?

  4. This is from Wichita, KS. I don't want snow in March. I will protest any snow that may occur in March by not staying indoors, giving up driving or even driving at slower-than-normal speed when driving. I will also protest the continuation of winter into March by not wearing a winter coat. I'm sorry if my decisions upset you.

  5. Thank you for these in-depth forecasts. As Canadians travelling through the U.S. with an R.V. we have found your channel very helpful. I have recommended you to others doing the same. It would be helpful to see more of what is in store for further North in Canada as we migrate home. ????????

  6. Interesting. They predicted it to be dry in CA, AZ, NV, UT, CO and NM this winter but that didn't pan out at all. One of the wetest winters on record. I'm sure it was because we are still in a La Nina but there seems to be some other mechanism pushing the storms more south this winter than a typical La Nina. We will see how this new forcast pans out or if the other things that caused it to be extremely wet in the SW the past few months continue. .

  7. This is certainly helpful in planning trip from Tucson to West Virginia. The trip planner always takes a northern route but this is helping me decide to likely take on a more southern route

  8. Thank you WOTG, your weather reports are very well put together, and very well prepared and presented, thank you for everything you do. Have a happy Friday, and a great weekend.

  9. La Niña surprised everyone this winter. Every winter forecast that I saw prior to this winter was calling for warmer and drier weather in the Southwest. National Temperature and Precipitation Maps for December 2022 and January 2023 show that was not the case.

    Soil moisture has improved. Springs and reservoirs have been recharged. Ecology is recovering. Snowpack is excellent. It happened in the cool season.

    Current conditions provide more surface area for evaporation, and the moisture is there. The trend for cooler and wetter weather in the Southwest should continue.

    ENSO is not a cause. ENSO is an effect.

  10. I wish it would make up its mind! ?Either stay cold ? or stay warm. These up and down fluctuations are killing me with Rheumatoid. ❤ Oh well, we shall see. Thank you, sir! Have a great weekend, all! ?

  11. Very good long range forecast for lower lakes, spring snowstorms are common but the snow is gone quickly. Toronto had 1.3 inches of rain yesterday, the snow is gone but lots of filthy ice banks, expect quite a bit of sun before more rain Wednesday, all the ice should be gone by then.

  12. Weather on the go, I really appreciate your forecasts, they give perspective on what's just happened, why, and how it's about to affect the future.?️☔⛈️??️❄️?️?️????✝️? 20 G's?

  13. Hmmmmmmmmmm I hope you're wrong about the winter lingering in Minnesota, March usually has the basketball tournament snow storm then its generally its winters last gasp.

  14. This is the Spring forecast / trends video I've been anticipating for weeks from WOTG. Absolutely relevant and useful (even vital) information. I'm earmarking it, and going back later today to take notes. I'm going to exert every effort I can to help build this channel. I'm sticking to my own personal forecast : WOTG will have 100K subs by July 1st. I want to help make this happen.

  15. Hopefully winter does its thing or just goes completely. We gotta get the government to fire up the HARRP machines and push winter away lol they can do atleast 1 good thing for once

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