Southern Spanish farms suffering under extreme weather conditions

Farmers in southern Spain are having to consider growing ‘less thirsty’ fruits as their current fruit crops require too much water.

Ecologists in the area blame poor farming and a lack of planning by authorities for the dry conditions.

Rafael Yus of Ecologists in Action says too many farmers “are using irrigation – and that they should consider recycling water instead”.

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  1. Castilian Spain is a Pariah state: It is not a democracy. Spain is not sustainable because people don’t want to be part of a corrupt repressive criminal military regime with constant violence, no justice, political prisoners, people in exile, 3 m people still missing and constant denial of the Spanish Holocaust against Catalans. Spain is the only country with perpetual secrecy laws imposed by criminal terrorist Franco. Spain is a Castilian chiringuito of criminal Terrorists. Do not suport fascist criminal Spain. Where is the fugitive king of Spain hiding away in the Middle East accused of stealing billions from Europeans? Your Castilian chiringuito of horror criminals is a security threat to all Europeans. This is not a beautiful Family this is a criminal terrorist organization.

  2. Underground storage should be implemented. Grans solar minimum is here for another 18 years. The sun has less sun spots and we get extreme weather, extreme heat to extreme cold, all caused by the sun. Watch, the govts will tax us and blame us for the suns work.

  3. Wish we was told the truth… & how to stop climate change before earth goes past the point of know return with temperature rise, sea level rise etc… oil ? & coal emissions are warming the planet! so move faster to green technology transport systems ? cap of oil Wells 157billion barrels oil been used, not to mention coal plants….

  4. Oh for the day when people recognize droughts as the direct result of violating Gods ways. Oh for the day when leaders are god fearers and seek Him for things. There have been a few. Nothing recently. Too bad. Life is better with Righteousness. We know.

  5. There are 3 basic climate science principles: -1) Climate science is in it's absolute infancy.-2)The climate is so complex it is impossible to model or predict. -3)The inherent complexity ensure it will always be changing and nothing man does impacts that.

    Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is the highest it’s been in nine years,

  6. It takes 1000lt of water to grow one avocado. The pickers and workers in this sector are paid less than5e an hour. The land owners are getting fat on our water this must stop.spain needs its water to grow food. Not to export our water in the form of mangos and avocados that few can afford.

  7. A better world is coming! ??Jehovah God's Kingdom ruled by Christ Jesus will not allow the planet to turn into a large desert. Isa 35:1 This Kingdom will replace earthly gov'ts

  8. if im not wrong in this news report almost everyone was blaming agricolture? for using too much water, no one its talking about how much water its used by those energy drinking Companies or Soft drink Companies or Factories to make chemicals etc, if there will be not food production what we wanna eat then ? I think water its equal important for drinking and agriculture. These 2 has to be priorities.

  9. I live in Extremadura, and the reservoirs are much larger, and hugely important to irrigation in many other regions of Spain. Alange, a huge reservoir near me, is down to 16.5% capacity, but the same time last year, it was only 20%. It has dropped hugely since I came here in 2015.

  10. A lot of Spain is desert, just like Africa, America, the Middle-east, etc.. We call areas we invaded with irrigation pumps, droughts, when all the water is pumped out.

  11. The northern hemisphere summers are getting bigger, soon the summer period will begin starting Easter ??????. ?️??️??️??️☀️?????️?????☢️?☠️?⚰️??????

Sunrise, Yuma Az.

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