Southern Europe faces second heatwave

Southern Europe faces second heatwave 7

Italy has put 16 cities on red alert because of soaring heat levels, while over 4,000 people have been evacuated from the Spanish island of La Palma as a forest fire burns out of control.

Experts now warn of even hotter temperatures to come this week as a second heatwave takes hold.

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  1. Another lie to fear the people, all fires are manufactured by man not the sun ! ? climate crisis? It’s called weather modification by all governments around the world.

  2. This could be dealt with if governments would just work together and reduce emissions. I’ve been a member of Friends of the Earth for 50 years and we’ve been banging on about this since the late 70s…WAKE UP and SMELL the POLLUTION!!!!! ????

  3. In Europe with this latest heatwave They are not reporting the air temperatures right they are reporting surface temperatures which are much higher then the air temperature they are trying to make it look hotter then it is on all these news channels I don’t know why

  4. good vid but strange twist in criticising china coal usage without mentioning chinas installed renewable energy is 1162 gigawatts, more than the next 8 countries combined and 3x that of the US in 2nd place … come on, be a good sport …

  5. Fearmongering this is natural, look back into history, look for yourselves
    It's bad but it's NOT CLIMATE CHANGE
    just piling more fear onto us, PLEASE
    LOOK FOR YOURSELF, don't be live the bull shiite

  6. Farming the land differently equates to eating bugs rather than meat. She says they have the technology. Ok, where is it? Why haven't the national grid installed these battery storage units she claims have been developed and are ready to go?

  7. its been like this every year since forever. Wildfires been happening every year in Grease ever since I can remember. The only difference is that nowadays the media make such a big issue out of it.

  8. Typical snobby Europeans, it's never their fight until they're the ones dying! Well, we'll see who outlast who in the long run, my bets are on my country, the great USA. The rest of you folks better do something quick, because we're gonna be the last ones standing at the end of the world EASILY.

  9. The moment the rest of the world wanted to live and consume like Americans it tipped the scale……….I remember traveling in the 90s and all I seen was a few Americans and some Europeans now there are hordes of people traveling like there is no tomorrow from all over the world and the Americans are far and few between tnose crowds……studies have shown that for the rest of the world to live like the USA we need three more earths……the whole thing isnt sustainable we killing ourselves…..

  10. People are setting fire on purpose already arrested one man in Greece for doing this why don't you tell the truth instead of scare mongering its always hot in summer in Europe that's why people go on holiday there particularly when it's close to Africa like southern Europe in Britain its been raining and 16 degrees most of july and doesn't look like changing any time soon not the same as last year heatwave

  11. Not climate change poles are in process of flipping heat if you have big pan or bowl put cold water into put feet into an it will keep you cool and night put bowl beside bed if wake up WIPE down and one fan blowing into an one fan sucking outside room sleep in under wear it will make easy to get right back to sleep or if not comfortable bathing suit if only have two fans put whole family in same room with their own cold bowls of water hope everyone stays cool

  12. Do people not realise it's summer, and traditionally that's when we get warm weather? Shock! Horror! Or Duh! And some bright 'scientists' are just realising that trees, yes trees believe it or not, can keep you cool if you sit under them…who would have thunk….

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