South in state of crisis adhering to historic chilly weather conditions l GMA

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A blitz of snow and ice wreaked chaos for thousands and thousands and remaining over four million Texans without the need of energy, causing the Texas governor to call it the “wintertime version of Hurricane Harvey.”

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4.3 million without having electricity in Texas as hazardous winter climate proceeds:

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  2. You guys sound like a bunch of b**** complain about Frozen water and electricity why you be homeless for 20 years then holler back


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  5. How can the United States call itself a civilized country !! When 4 million people in Texas freeze to death !! This is all the consequences of the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico ,related to oil !! Obama lied to YOU that he swam in the Gulf of Mexico, !! He swam on the Atlantic coast !!! You can check it out !! In the" civilized country " came to lead the fascists, after the elections !!Trump is a real man, made by HIMSELF, unlike these political clowns – Democrats.Trump created jobs, built his own business , and these gentlemen can only make faces, endlessly lie to YOU and look around for "enemies", and deceive YOU, US CITIZENS !

  6. Meanwhile I’m here in Russia enjoying the warmer weather of late February. There’s still snow everywhere yes but at least my face isn’t freezing of

  7. This February 2021, Texas has just proven how unreliable Wind and Solar power can be. All of the cities in Texas that failed are ruled by progressive democrat mayors that change the power grid and power sources to green energy that completely and utterly failed. I live in a town in Texas that relied on natural gas and fossil fuel for power, we have electricity, water, and food. My town did not suffer any problems at all and our town is not the only one. We even donated electrical power, water, and food to the cities that failed. This has nothing to do with climate change, This is not even the worst of Texas weathers (just researched the weather history of Texas) This type of weather happens in Texas every decade or two and Texas weathered them all in the past. The only difference this time is that the cities that got hit bad relied mostly on wind and solar for power. I live in Texas all my life and I'm old. Texas needs to go back to being Texas.

  8. Oh my people.
    Set your expectations that winters will be more intense due to global warming whether global warming is a nature or manmade you have to be prepare. It will be more worst for the coming year
    Dont just pray. God will not go down to save us. Besides man has free will to do what his heart desire. Instead use your survival instinct. Its one of the gift from God.

  9. They deserve it for voting for RepubliCONS ! that's what they get..they wanted "small government", " No regulations" – well how is that working for you? VOTE THEM OUT – that is how you fix it idiot!

  10. I feel for you guys. You know when I was a kid in the uk when it was cold we used to all huddle round a candle in the living room… but if it was really cold we’d light it.

  11. People need to wake up from their haze of existence and place the blame for far more than this current travesty where it actually belongs. This is happening because they have placed their faith into a system that will never actually care for them, but rather it will only allow us no option while it exploits us in every way imaginable and somehow claims innocence. Nikola Tesla's dream and his life's work were confiscated and have been kept hidden for sake of monetary gain – and people are now dying and facing all manner of ensuing nightmares in their attempt to recover from this because the grid that they have been given no choice but to be enslaved by has failed them, as it inevitably always will. WAKE UP AND LOOK AT WHAT THIS SYSTEM HAS DONE AND IS DOING TO US ALL. It will never actually protect us, it has only ever leeched from our billiance and capabilities, while keeping us "in line" – human beings have created this society, and we do hold all of the power. It's time to kick the parasites off of us so that we can continue to create a beautiful and amazing world, unfettered and in harmony – and, courtesy of their own system, we even have their names…

  12. Well maybe I'm weird but I love watching videos of weather like thunderstorms and then I listen to music I like like delta parole or metallica! Nothing better and more relaxing like that!

  13. Or maybe GOD is trying to save many from DANGEROUS EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES with unknown to us long- term SIDE EFFECTS like CANCER, INFERTILITY , DEATH and other complications?

  14. REPEND PEOPLE. The world is pretty demoralized and satanic at our times. Maybe this is a warning like PLAQUEs recorded in the Bible which God send for sinful cities and countries?



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