SOTT Earth Modifications Summary – June 2020: Intense Temperature, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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Sheets of rain, floods and hail left a route of destruction all in excess of the planet, and the northern hemisphere however obtained snow in June.

The unbelievable amount of money of precipitation during the earlier months can be defined with the rising total of charged particles in higher levels of the ambiance.

When meteors and meteorites pass by means of our reduced environment, or when our earth goes trough a comet dust stream, charged particles accumulate among the ionosphere and the floor of the earth creating storms to intensify, clouds to develop and more rain to fall. Wildfires and volcanic eruptions, for case in point, also lead to this accumulation of particles.

At the exact time, rain can carry out the amassed electrical demand of the ionosphere to the ground, which increases the occurrence of other electrical phenomena, as tornadoes, hurricanes, and plasma formations.

The accumulation of billed aerosols and increasingly colder temperatures in higher layers of the environment – induced by the current photo voltaic bare minimum – can also be responsible of the escalating volume of hail and unseasonable snow all-around the world.

Charged particles impact climate significantly more than has been appreciated.

Significant rain and raging floods took the lifestyle of hundreds and influenced millions in south China, and destroyed 1,470 homes and 3 bridges in Gorontalo Province, Indonesia. Weighty floods also hit Assam, India, leaving 16 lifeless and in excess of 253,000 affected.

Even though Romania obtained its second coldest working day in June, Montana received additional than 1 foot of snow and southeast Wyoming bought 6 inches… just at the beginning of summer season.

Siberia acquired a share of serious weather this month, from tornadoes to floods, and serious temperature swings.

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake rattled substantial swaths of southern and central Mexico, killing at the very least five individuals. No main hurt was reported.

Locusts continued to ravage Africa, India, Brazil, Argentina and the Middle East, with no indicator that they’ll be long gone quickly.

Modest corrections:

18:59 it should say: “Corona formed hailstorm in China, Beijing – 25 Jun”

19:26 it should say: “Terrifying tornado lifts roofs in Auckland, New Zealand – 26 Jun”


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  1. came across this channel this day – it teaches me one thing for sure ,, damn all the things media news on t.v is not telling us ,,
    they are hiding as much as they can it seems ! …., G.J Sott – i wil follow this channel

  2. I think most of these extreme planetary upheavals can be attributed to the way we live. Most people have no compassion/empathy for our planet. Greed, ego, indifference and ignorance has resulted in most people not being concerned with environmental protection cutbacks; destroying our trees/land; dumping sludge, coal, oil, plastic, trash, etc…into our waterways; offshore oil drilling, fracking in many places; destroying wildlife habitats, thus destroying wildlife; wet markets; animals being abused/neglected; trophy hunting; poaching; hate; anger; etc… Compassion, kindness, empathy, common sense, honesty, tolerance and caring about the preservation of this planet is being eradicated slowly but surely. We’ve got to wake up and change our words/actions. If we continue on this path of hate, prejudice, destruction, ignorance, indifference, etc….. this beautiful planet will one day soon be completely destroyed…and the ‘human race’ will come to an end. Just my opinion.

  3. It must be a lot of work to put these together as well as you do. I will have to send some money to you. These are excellent to remind me of what I've read in scripture prophecy and what's currently happening. I've done a little bit of research about the history of weather and geological events and we started having great havoc at the beginning of the 1900's. They have increased at various times and it coincides with various changes in society. I won't get all biblical here, but I can see a definite correlation to the rebelliousness of mankind and the events becoming more catastrophic and more numerous. Some would argue what about the dark ages and various times when there was great evil happening–why didn't that affect things? I would say to that that it was NOT prophesied that these changes would occur Siri g these times. It's during the final moments of the great apostacy in religion and in the last days of utter rebelliousness to God's Word and ten commandments that these events would occur. Right before thee final judgement call and Jesus Christ returns. People would say if that's so, then God is a monster for doing all the damage and catastrophe and death and injury. But He is just allowing satan to do the things that he is noted for : death and destruction and deception. Why? Because people choose to follow HIS ways instead of God's ways. This is what happens when we reject God because He is withdrawing His protection. These events are no surprise to me at all. It has been building up for 120 years. Interesting that Noah preached and warned the people for 120 years as they mocked him, laughed at his message, and rejected the final call before God Himself closed the door of the ark. They didn't even believe it when the animals came in two's and seven's (two for unclean animals and seven for clean animals). That's how badly they deceived themselves. And we are no different. The prophecies are coming true perfectly and have been for thousands of years but the people just live without taking His Word seriously. God help us. Thank you for the opportunity for putting in my two cents about things. Great work on your videos. Keep up the good work. I urge everyone to support you, even if it's just five dollars, that helps!🙏

  4. When you think its just a summary of 2020 so far and then you remember this channel does these for every month and it says its only June………….F****S****OMFG!!!!! THE WORLD NOW HAS TWO TYPES OF WEATHER, DROUGHT WITH LOTS OF SUN, MASSIVE FLOODING, TORNADOES AND HAILSTORMS AND NOTHING INBETWEEN…..

  5. You all better relax an breathe for a Moment and bring your brain back down to earth. You do not need to believe that the supernatural for the divine are putting their hands in this. What you need to do is bring your head back down and to do a little thinking on your own.
    The United States military has the knowledge and the ability to manipulate our weather system. It's called weather modification but it's also weather weaponization and they've been doing it since the 1940s and there are commercial companies that professionally do it. I figured out that is really easy to manipulate the weather and nobody would think it they had the ability to do it.
    They have cloud creating machines and a learned how to seed them with the proper ingredients. Yes. chem trails are real.
    Has anybody ever heard of Doppler radar? Doppler radar uses radio frequency technology to heat and manipulate air. They know how to create hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, waterspouts and so much more and they have been working on this for almost 100 years. They have cloud making machines all over this planet. They have Doppler radar systems built and installed all over this planet. They have portable Doppler systems that they can move around when needed. the cloud creation units are dual purpose units that are power station/stram creation units called WEC's and installed world wide,

    Now I know you'll think that I'm fucked up in the head and rightfully so. It does sound like it's something way outside of our technical abilities. I don't expect you to believe me, hell I did believe it myself. But there is a guy on youtube who also researched this technology and it does exist so what I would hope that you would do would be to go and researcher for yourself. His YouTube channel is called "shaking my head productions" and "shaking my head productions 2" not only does he explain the technology but he also has documentation and video of them putting it to use.

    Don't you think that maybe it would be a lot easier to sit back behind-the-scenes and attack your enemies, which seems to be every person on this planet, and attack them by manipulating the weather and your enemies never having a clue that you are doing it, I mean how could they blame you it was the bad weather that did it.
    He has hundreds of videos available and I do not remember the names of the ones that have the weather modifications in it. But it is really worth your research and will open your eyes. Now you all can go back to calling me crazy but before you dismiss what I said check it out for yourself. I know one of videos is called the NASA cloud machine. Have fun

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