SOTT Earth Improvements Summary – May 2021: Intense Temperature, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Meals price ranges keep on to increase as serious weather conditions close to the environment strikes production, adding to the important harm brought on by the Covid lockdowns.

Snow and history chilly temperatures for summer time took the direct this thirty day period. The US, Canada, China, Russia, and parts of Europe ended up caught by shock despite mass media attempting to normalize the unseasonable weather. This weather conditions is far from standard, and perhaps a indicator that we are on the threshold of a new ice age.

An apocalyptic mouse plague in Australia is leading to thousands and thousands of bucks of damage to crops and farming equipment in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. Regional farmers proceed to lose crops and grain when they have to pay back hundreds of bucks to consist of the plague.

The harm to crops proceeds in East Africe and the Center East. Following three many years of drought followed by file rain and floods, the region faces record-breaking swarms of crop-eating locusts that threaten the crops and the foods protection of tens of millions. A one particular-sq.-kilometer swarm can consume the exact same amount of meals in one particular working day as 35,000 people. The governments of the affected international locations are paying billions of dollars to avoid even further losses, but it has proved to be fairly a problem so far.

Big flooding also brought on a whole lot of hassle all-around the world this Could. Cyclone Yaas lashed coastal places of India, and southern Bangladesh with solid winds, rain, and floods creating common injury. Far more than just one million had been evacuated.

Cyclone Yaas also arrived at a time when India struggles to offer with a new wave of Covid bacterial infections, most probably prompted by a mixture of weak infrastructure, large concentrations of pollution, and mass vaccination strategies.

In South The united states, extreme floods brought on by Amazon rivers reaching file highs impacted extra than 450 thousand people in Manaus. Peru and Colombia ended up also strike by serious flooding that triggered the relocation of countless numbers.

Numerous nations around the world of the Middle East are dealing with an unparalleled sum of summer months rain and floods, while China braces for a significant flood time with 71 rivers now exceeding warning concentrations.

Not a very image but all this is aspect of normal cycles brought on by our sun’s activity and other cosmic elements. Pay attention, community, and prepare appropriately if essential.

All this and much more in our SOTT Earth Changes Summary for May well 2021


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  1. Ich glaube an die Allerheiligste Vierfaltigkeit , weil die Gottesmutter Maria in die Allmacht Gottes aufgenommen worden ist um Ihre Kinder zu retten und zu beschützen ! Hochgelobt und gebenedeit sei die Allerheiligste Vierfaltigkeit von nun an bis in alle Ewigkeit !

  2. Just found this channel! Someone willing to do all this work of accumulating these stories into 1 mega vid each month 😀 thank you!!
    One question to people who have been here long- is this sort of stuff escalating or is mother nature just always bashing us like that?

  3. This is just a theory of mine….it's has to be tha government's,military, or even tha leaders 🤔 of our country's…I'm sure they have some type of machine that they can produce any kind of weather anywhere in tha world…like control over tha seasons, etc. They might have it 🤔 at Area 51…and so do tha other country's around tha world…there in on all of this…tha news is bullshit lies…just trying to keep us from. Panicking..just my thoughts, opinion,and theory.


  5. People must be blind if they do not see the beginning of God's wrath. We destroyed the planet due to sin & greed. This however is still the last period of God's time of grace. Meaning repent and turn to Jesus Christ. In the Holy Bible He said, "I am the way, the truth and the Life. No one can come to the Father (God) in heaven but through Me" Soon you will read not about 6 people died and 20 missing, but millions are going to die, frequently.

  6. les russes ont budgétisé des milliards pour rapprocher les ports destinés au commerce du blé plus prés de l'équateur justement s'attendant à une µére glaciaire proche.

    Depuis la publication scientifique, approuvée par tous les scientifiques de la planéte, des prévisions de l'astrophysicienne Valentina Sharkova l’abcès est percé, tout le monde prends conscience de l'escroquerie du GIEC.

    On sait qu'il y a un réchauffement puis une stagnation des températures MOYENNES avant le plongeon dans le froid pour une trentaine d'années.

    ET surtout ne jetez pas vos pulls Ok

  7. ‘Signs in the heavens above, and in the earth below’
    REPENT and be born again in the name of Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. These are God’s end time signs!

  8. To say these regions are hit by 'flash floods' indicates that their forecasting is woefully inadequate. Someone must be able to predict and anticipate such weather events!

  9. Może Pan Bóg wypłukuje że świata coś, co jest złe?W ten sposób oczyszcza ziemię?Może to wyjdzie na dobre,choć teraz tragedia dla licznych.

  10. This is a good channel. It's well done and I especially like seeing, whenever possible, the crediting of the people whose clips are used. It shows the owner cares about being forthright.

  11. Worsted around the world floor river hit everywhere in the country place while out in the every day and it was the year ago happened that way everywhere in the world hard raining and strong wind blowing a away all the people is live thing . Now ~~~~~~~~
    the world is angry
    the earth is angry
    the people is angry
    the Jesus is angry
    the God is angry
    so what is next angry damage the world all around the earth see how the world going through the end time signs



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