SOTT Earth Improvements Summary – March 2020: Extraordinary Climate, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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As the coronavirus “pandemic” gets all the attention, mother nature invites us to get take note of some serious severe weather in March.

A blend of heavy rain, floods, and landslides, and out-of-season chilly and snowfall, have caused popular devastation close to the planet.

Spring? What spring? Unseasonable snowfalls covered parts of Europe, together with Italy and Sweden (an inconvenient celebration for our expensive Greta and her handlers). The US had its share of chilly temperatures and snow in the West and Midwest, and even Hawaiian summits acquired blanketed in white.

Components of the Middle East and South Asia were being also strike by freezing temperatures. Lahaul, India was strike by 30 inches of new snow!

At least 17 described tornadoes hit Central US in the course of intense temperature outbreak, leaving a trail of destruction. Tennessee was heavily affected this thirty day period as a huge twister minimize a path via point out, killing 25,destroying buildings, toppling electrical strains, and littering streets with particles.

An earthquake rocked Croatia’s money Zagreb, harmful buildings and leaving autos crushed by falling chunks of masonry. And two earthquakes with magnitude of 5.8 and 4.9 jolted the western aspect of Indonesia province earlier in the thirty day period, leaving scores of individuals wounded and many residences wrecked. Although A 7.2-magnitude quake struck Russia’s Far East region, putting off the Kuril Islands and prompting a tsunami warning for the sparsely populated region.

Amongst the latest virus hysteria and around the world lockdowns, a meteor affect carved a significant 68 ft crater in Akure, Nigeria. Maybe the powers-that-be you should not want people paying consideration to the skies as we may well in for a repeat this kind of phenomena in the close to long term.

All this and far more in this month’s SOTT Earth Alterations Summary.


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  1. All TRUE INSIGHT is given to me by the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!
    FYI …If Interested Only
    Fallen Angels/ Demons pose as
    regular people,
    people in authority,
    creatures found in legends,
    creatures found in false stories of extinction,
    aquatic life,
    and yes… inanimate objects! (dolls, statues)

    Fallen Angels are evil spirits and they operate like putty,
    in that, they are able to manifest into almost anything imaginable
    using their abundance of pure energy ⚡ and GOD given supernatural power!
    Please watch out for lightning!
    Lightning ⚡ is a Fallen Angel tactic commonly used!
     Whenever they really want to frighten
    and or displace us they will however, manifest and or cause Landslides, Eruptions, Tremors,
    Severe Weather/Flooding/ Strait-line Winds/ Hail etc…,
    and can manifest as Giants, and or UFO's, and or some other creature in nightmares!

    I want to mention here that GOD HIMSELF,
    is above us in the Heavens watching in the form of a cloud
    and HE is incinerating homes, businesses, and neighborhoods,
    with an unusual laser- like fire🔥 (Paradise California for example)
    HIS fire includes intense orange and yellow blazes that can not be stopped by mere men.
    HE cherry picks homes and establishments according to the past behaviors of those inside!
    HE also moves about in a thick low dust cloud that turns skies reddish and or day into night!
    When GOD is on the scene, you may find red dust particulates
    covering everything in sight, and or ill colored snow, and or red bodies of water and or rivers,
    because red iron ore can sometimes fall when GOD is present!
    The evil ones that run this world know what time it is,
    but quickly try to coverup and dispose of the evidence with lies and or strange explanations that make no logical sense!

    GOD'S Divine Angels are on the move as well!
    GOD'S Divine Angels can cause much the same as the rotten ones can but usually do not!
    They have been as of late causing the sky to SOUND OFF LIKE STRANGE INSTRUMENTS!

    These Endtime Events will not stop, but will continue to speed up and intensify like a woman's labor pains!
    Please pray to YOSHUA, who is JESUS CHRIST, who is GOD and CREATOR,
    for Salvation, Protection, and Guidance during these Last Days!

  2. All this natural disaster happened on this march 2020 year .I don't think so because some of video clips collected from 2019 April episode . So please you should present those video clips which are happened on this 2020 .

  3. Lidi narušují masivne i atmosferu vselijakymi satelity, neproverenym zářením bombardují živé tvory i celou zeměkouli -není vůbec divu, že se Země trha a že to pitome počínání všech hamiznych ovlivňuje počasí , lidi a zvířata to zabíjí..

  4. But they used to let off atomic bombs not very long ago up until 1980s or 1990s i think.
    And they constantly now dig up and blow up the earth now for mining. And the constant drilling for petrol.
    And everywhere they make tunnels for subways and dig through mountains and under the sea for roadways.
    Humanity is a curse upon the earth, raping it destroying it disrespecting it poisoning it turning it into a waste landfill. Industrial capitalism and constant construction of steel and glass and concrete jungles everywhere unceasing.
    What do you expect.
    Civilization is mad.

  5. Governments are definitely manipulating the weather with Harp ,5 countries now have the same as the states ,what the hell is going on ,plus poles are shifting probably causing the ice caps to melt quicker this is crazy hope everyone makes it through this

  6. We need to plant more trees millions of them around the world also put back trees in the rain forests remove concrete from driveways roads we need to stop using fossil fuel pollution in the atmosphere from cars lorries we all need to go green before it’s too late more of this if we dont

  7. Beware people some of these videos are from years ago. Example:- were it says hawaii snowfall 18 mar 2020 false it was 19 December 2016. Its on the camera feed in the date stamp. So stop feeding us false info. I'm not saying were not in the last days we clearly are. Seek the truth and stop liying about some of these terrible events in jesus mighty name. Amen 🙏


  9. It's been happening for hundred of thousands of years, and will not stop just because you buy bio or ban cars.
    Welcome to reality, where nature doesn't fucking care about your feelings or anything for that matter.
    And allah the pedo will not save you.

  10. Thanks…People BETTER —> WAKE UP….As Jesus said: " and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32…..Truth is More Emergencies and Disasters Will Occur…To Deal WITH The Blows, Accept Jesus INTO Your LIFE, Your Body, Your Mind, Your HEART….Before its waay waay waaay too late…

  11. CDC urges doctors to classify all deaths from tornadoes & floods as corona deaths. Doctors to be rewarded with the usual $13,000 each death. "Stay home, stay safe…sucker."



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