SOTT Earth Improvements Summary – Could 2015: Extreme Weather conditions and Planetary Upheaval

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SOTT ‘Earth Changes’ video summary of serious climate activities and environmental indicators of ‘planetary upheaval’ (seismic, volcanic, etcetera) in May perhaps 2015.

Wintertime in the northern hemisphere formally ended in March, and however May well 2015 saw hefty snowfalls in sections of Norway, Russia, China and the US. Europe recorded its greatest ever (official) May possibly and June temperature – 44°C in Spain – throughout a temporary heatwave, just before the mercury plunged to as small as 8°C the adhering to week. Like much of Siberia, northern China went from warm, dry weather – like sandstorms and wildfires – in April, to blizzards by the close of May well, even though spring snowfall and chilly temperature documents have been damaged in Russia.

There were being at the very least 4 major twister outbreaks in the US previous thirty day period, creating some 460 tornado experiences. Will the US break its 2011 document for maximum quantity of tornadoes in a single yr? With the storms arrived hail, rain, and snow – lots of it. Texas was inundated with document-breaking rainfall that bought its 3-yr-very long drought to a chaotic finish. There ended up also damaging tornadoes in New Zealand, Mexico, and Germany, which saw two twister outbreaks.

California’s document-breaking drought proceeds, but Los Angeles noticed its day-to-day rainfall file smashed in May. Other components of the US under h2o have been Louisiana, Oklahoma and Alaska, which noticed its ‘worst flooding in decades’, in portion owing to but one more strange spring heatwave. An ‘apocalyptic’ storm in Moscow flooded streets, when hailstorms turned streets into rivers of ice in Spain, Mexico, and Turkey, wherever automobiles were washed away in the coastal town of Izmir. Several substantial sinkholes opened up – in the US, Turkey, the Canary Islands and Russia – swallowing gardens, avenue intersections, golf greens, and automobiles.

A further deadly earthquake – formally regarded as an aftershock – rocked Nepal on May possibly 12th, just three weeks right after the country was flattened by its worst seismic party in 80 many years. Wolf Volcano in the Galapagos erupted for the to start with time in a long time, adopted a pair of times afterwards by an explosive eruption of Mount Shindake in southern Japan. Subsequent up was a magnitude 8.5 earthquake off the Japanese coast, the country’s strongest considering the fact that that magnitude 9. earthquake in March 2011.

Some are inquiring ‘when, if at any time, will the local climate change’? Our reply to that is: open up your eyes it can be transforming NOW!

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  1. I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into making these videos and keeping us all informed of what's happening to our beloved Mother Earth. Things are certainly escalating. I believe the turmoil that's going on within the minds of humanity is now showing itself externally. We all need to wake up, grow up, start learning to respect and love one another. I've noticed a lot of infighting on the net, I wish people would stop falling for these tactics, that is what the elites want, divide and conquer. Thanks again and I will certainly have a read of the book you suggested to the person below, hopefully it's not too technical?

  2. Who filmed these videos? If they were journalists than they should have took some people away from the scene. Instead they only came for their winning shots and left the scene high tail.That sounds very irresponsible from their part. Their mentality appears to resemble " Hey let's help some people but first let us take a selfie".

  3. thank you a lot for the clip earth change all over the world ,this is the best clip ever ,i wish you do more clip like this will watching you channel ,you the best sir never seen any like this before all of them alittle bit but boring ,please do more clip like this sir

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  5. Another excellent compilation of Events occurring around the World for the month of May from the Sign Of The Times Channel.Once again,flooding of epic proportions continue to dominate the Weather Events.Might be a good time to start thinking of building an Ark.
       Peace  Y

  6. Thank-you for the upload and thorough compilation of Events that occurred in May around the World Sign Of The Times…..This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better just from watching the last couple of Years,you can see the progression of the severity of Events. While our World Leaders still continue their petty bickering of geopolitical issues,they are missing the real threat to the survival of Man and that is Mother earth and Mother Nature.
       Peace  Y

  7. Thank you for the compilation again, very nicely done. For halos, they are very common, much more than a rainbow because there are more often thin clouds and ice crystals in the sky than there are showers. If there are more halos seen, especially colourful ice crystal based halos, then because of cold temperatures in the sky. If volcanoes are related to halos, then possibly because they cause the colder temperatures, but what's the connection with meteoric activity? is a very good source of information with many photos.



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