SOTT Earth Changes Summary – June 2022: Extraordinary Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Unseasonable snow in the Northern Hemisphere ongoing to make headlines in June. Significant areas of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Hampshire obtained up to 16 inches of snow, disrupting vacation.

There ended up unprecedented summer snowfalls in central Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan that dumped historic accumulations in Samangan province, killing cattle and damaging seasonal crops.

1,000 folks died, and 1,500 were wounded right after a 5.9M earthquake hit japanese Afghanistan, compounding the wrestle in a nation already affected by a food stuff disaster.

China’s Sichuan province was strike by a shallow 6.1M earthquake that took the lives of at least four people today and wounded 14 other people.

Extraordinary storms, floods, and landslides wreaked havoc close to the environment this thirty day period.

Fifty percent a million people today have been affected by the heaviest downpour in 60 several years, triggering floods and landslides in Guangdong, China. The file-breaking event brought about the evacuation of 177,600 persons, ruined 1,729 houses, and destroyed 27.13 hectares of crops.

In the meantime, unusually hefty floods and landslides affected more than 2 million people in the provinces of Hunan and Jiangxi in China right after times of weighty rain. At minimum 32 died, 2,700 properties collapsed, close to 286,000 individuals had been evacuated, and 76,300 hectares of cropland had been intensely ruined.

In northeastern India and Bangladesh, at least 18 people died, and 2 million houses were being destroyed as huge floods ravaged the location.

On top of that, lightning in pieces of Bangladesh killed at least nine persons.

At minimum 17 persons died just after large rain prompted flooding and landslides in Meghalaya, Assam, and Sikkim, India. Areas of Meghalaya recorded a lot more than 31 inches of rain in 24 hrs, leaving a wide path of destruction. 150 people died, and 200,000 had been displaced. In Assam, 5 million were influenced by large floods of overflowing rivers.

Sturdy winds and thunderstorms, heavy rain, floods, and hail wreaked havoc throughout France from June 3rd to 5th. 65 departments throughout the region have been impacted, thousands of homes misplaced electric power, and at the very least 1 individual died in flood waters in Rouen. 15 people today ended up wounded throughout the state.

For the 1st time in a lot more than 20 many years, Météo-France issued orange degree alerts for virtually all departments in the state.

Large hail also left a mark all-around the environment this month. Texas, Wisconsin, Mexico Metropolis, Germany, Italy, and Budapest, had been the most influenced.

All that, and much more, in this month’s SOTT Earth Adjustments Summary for June 2022


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  1. been keeping a close eye on the weather as a hobby for 20 years, my sources have mostly dried up, I rely on you guys so would like to say thank you from Wales, if you like boredom 😉 , come here! I still think this is the safest place to live. It's gone full blown fascist and our healthcare kills many. But the weather is stable and boring, different, but not lethal. Great place if your healthy and or are not a native! Think it's safe to say that visitors get special treatment, wonder if it applies to people all over the world or just a few selections? Either way if were going to be flooded, then why not have some variety 🙂

  2. Well done! Since Abril 2020 I watch your monthly videos. Now in 2022 there are much more changes on Earth than at that time. So I guess it would be good if would do longer videos or 2 videos per month, part 1 and part 2. Because there are more news than before and your videos are vey good. Thank you.

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  12. Pole Shift means the earth will flip turn inside out because man in general were testing lots of Nuclear Bomb Test UNDERGROUND. Now the real elements: the earth is fighting back!

  13. Is it just happening to me or is it a reality, that the universe marks the territory with a meteorite before the impact, I hope not…

  14. God is punishing sinners across the World with series of natural disasters both major and minor natural disasters, and he is yet to bring about the big ones that will effect the World in some way or form one day the longer we continue to cowardly allow evil to win and take over the World.

  15. What remains unknown is, how much if any of this is weather warfare against humanity??? We need to find out, and the location and identity of potential perpetrators!

  16. @9:11, (weird) that video doesn't do the event any justice. I live rt there and let me tell was like the first big one of a new season! the 25°f change in temperature, size and thickness of the flakes and shear amount was like winter had never left… C

  17. How do you win a…conflict? you disrupt the other side's supply line. "They" have been doing it since the beginning of time. and it's not just U.S., it is all of them. "They" are not on our side, "They" are not on humanity's side. just look at where you are…everything is good? may God have mercy on us all…

  18. I think it's important people understand just why flooding is happening increasingly and on such a large scale. It is of course because of climate change – but NOT man-made; certainly not from made made emissions of blood CO2. The flooding is happening because of heavier rains. The rains are heavier because there are more rain clouds. There are more rain clouds because it is a Sigh Of The Times i.e. we are at a stages whereby the sun is weakening, which means the solar wind is weakening, which means our magetosphere too is weaking. Weaker fields means more cosmic particles (high energy particles from our sun but mainly from other dead suns in our galaxy) penetrate our atmosphere and as they collide with molecules in our atmosphere they effectively cloud seed, spawning more rain clouds (just like dust particles can). It is this cosmic cycle that occurs over hundreds of years that determines the frequency with which we see such flooding, and I'm sorry to say we will witness increasing affects from this (increased volatility and unpredictability) for this decade at least.


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