SOTT Earth Changes Summary – February 2020: Extraordinary Climate, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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The wintertime remained harsh in the northern hemisphere throughout February with even far more cold and snowfall information damaged.

70 villages in southeastern Turkey were being buried under 20 toes of snow after a effective blizzard. Citizens were left with out electric power and drinking water as they also struggled to dig their way out. Also, two avalanches killed 41 in the japanese aspect of the region, while a 5.7 magnitude earthquake killed 8 people in the southeast… That’s quite a lot of extreme activities in a single region.

Haji Omaran, a town on the mountainous Iraq-Iran border, also expert extremely weighty snowfall, with streets blocked and cars buried in the snow. Saudi Arabia also bought its share of strange chilly temperature (for the desert!) as the temperature dropped to -5°C.

Very last but not the very least, Taiwan’s best peak of Yushan and nearby counties were strike by the heaviest snowfall in two decades, even though Himachal Pradesh’s money acquired the highest snowfall in eight a long time.

Significant rain continued breaking information all over the world: 2 toes of rain in 24 several hours in Fiordland, New Zealand 5 dead and hundred displaced in Kenya a month’s value of rain in 3 hrs in São Paulo, Brazil rainfall 400% above regular in Mississippi hundreds evacuated in Northern Argentina thanks to common flooding, when western Washington bought hit by historic flooding and landslides… and which is just to mention some of the most significant situations.

At least seven persons had been killed throughout Europe by Storm Ciara, significant rain and strong winds shut down transportation and left hundreds of 1000’s devoid of electricity. And storm Dennis still left its mark in the United kingdom, dumping a month’s worthy of of rain in 48 several hours with 91mph winds.

Meteor fireballs also gave rather a clearly show this thirty day period, sightings on the rise… at the very least for now.


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  1. Nothing to see here people. Get back to corona news & the latest facemask or best ways to not meet anyone to spread the killer plague that only kills TV people.

  2. Forgot to say, locusts are in large proportions when there's not enough bird's to eat their larvae. Warmer climate and weather, just kills birds. No natural predators, locusts grow in the way there are being seen now. In the early 1950s, because bird ate the grains of the field farms, Mao Zedong launched a campaign to get rid of all birds. All of the sudden locusts grew due to lack of natural predators, ate everything and the Chinese great famine started and people ate live rats and anything they could grab that was edible, and they keep doing it today. Nothing of this presented in this video it's new. It all happened before and I repeat, now we know about all off it together due to the fast media sharing. Do you think that a beach full of ice rocks was going to make more than local news 40 years ago? Of course not. Not even a sinkhole anywhere in the world.

  3. Climate change provokes storms never seen before in our times. Poisoned soil and food, creating malformations in new born animals. Sea raising water levels make almost impossible for water falling on land, to escape towards the sea. It's already know that China it's working into creating sources of light as bright as the Sun it's seen from earth. Meteorites explode in the atmosphere due to the friction and heat caused while falling. (Tunguska in Russia 1911, meteor explodes in mid air and causes extreme devastation in the area, but there's no crater to find). Meteorites are continuously falling on earth. Now that there's vigilance devices everywhere around, many are getting recorded on video. Sandstorms in the Sahara are a normal thing you can see in any Saharan themed movie. Canary islands are just west of the Sahara. This sand storms that are supposed to last for entire days, with a stronger wind caused by climate change, can easily reach the canary islands at any moment. Sinking holes can be easily created by dry underground river beds where the dry soil it's not as strong as the wet one anymore and the ground just collapses. Also if dry for a while and all of the sudden water runs again, the dry dirt erodes easily and gives way for sinking holes to collapse too. Etc … Etc .. Etc .. what we don't see anymore while there's this continuous vigilance and cameras who download everything on social media, it's holy Mary's appearances anymore. This things have always happened, just that there was no instant web social media to make it public as fast as it happens nowadays. How many avalanches have buried people and their rescue teams afterwards in the Himalayas? It can happen in Turkey or anywhere else in the world. Warmer climate makes snow softer and snow doesn't grip the soil where is at, any avalanche nowadays it's easier to happen than never before.

  4. Die Welt befindet sich im Wandel. Physisch, spirituell, politisch und wirtschaftlich.
    Abwarten und Tee trinken. Kommt zurück zur Menschlichkeit, und alles wird gut.

  5. The Sun's magnetic field has changed dramatically, so have all the planets in our system. Including Earth. And that effects absolutely everything. Weather. Volcanoes, Animal behavior, meteorites.

  6. My species is a joke isn't it. nothing must come in the way of it's endless growth policy, not even its own existence.. for we have to keep multiplying do not! We have to keep common the land with more and more concrete to build homes for the endless number of people we want to put on this planet.

    Nothing must come in the way of what we want to do not even our own survival. We don't care how many of our offsprings are living in poverty we don't care how dangerous our communities are becoming overrun with crime as long as we can carry on multiplying and destroying our environment . What a pathetic species I am a member of.

    why did the coronavirus spread so easily across the planet, simple because the planet's chock-a-block with humans there are more people moving around the planet than there have ever been in human history, so it's not hard to understand why is virus is spreading like wildfire, and the human race though it had this warning it's going to carry on multiplying and moving around the planet because making money is more important than anything, more important them it's own children, more important than it's own future, more important than it's own survival.

    And the most laughable thing about it is it claims to be an intelligent species. it shows this in the fact it lives in a confined space and what has it based its policies on endless growth. so" so much for being intelligent then.

  7. Just imagine what it will be like for ALL of us when things get bad, I mean "HORRIBLE HORROR"! Most unfortunate, weep not for yourselves but for your children! Oh rocks fall on me.




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