SOTT Earth Adjustments Summary – September 2017: Extraordinary Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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September was yet a further extremely violent thirty day period from an ‘earth changes’ stage of look at.

A series of course X photo voltaic flares seem to be to have been the harbingers of unparalleled purely natural phenomena, in equally quantity and intensity.

Two historic earthquakes hit Mexico producing far more than 300 deaths, destroying hundreds of buildings and harmful thousands more.

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane period is among the top 10 most energetic in heritage, and it can be not in excess of nevertheless. So far, the genuine shocker was three hurricanes at the same time, two of which, Irma & Maria, tore a swath of destruction through the Caribbean and into central Florida.

Unseasonable snow and cold temperatures also strike Northern Europe and the US northern States this September, though oversized hail, weighty rains and flooding also pounded Europe, South Asia and Africa.

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  1. Me:"People can't you see it?!"
    People: "Pfft, scare monger!"
    Me: "o.O"

    Seriously, don't let the boss go full throttle – extreme party at the end but who'll will make it through?!

  2. lots is happening in this world now. there are signs everywhere. but it is not enough. i can see it from where i am on this planet. people are going on about their lives like all is good. these events are normal to everyone. money is boss and must be maintained……

    plz allow me to share this. this will cause a lot of disbelief and its a long read but allow me plz…..

    I talked to an elder…..He told me of these events that have gotten worse in the past 10 yrs. more frequent and bigger tornadoes and in places they were never seen, more floods and in places they wouldn't "normally" be, more "waterspouts" that are showing up to cause more floods, more snow in places not normally seen,more volcanoes and earthquakes and also in places they wouldn't "normally" be, more vicious fires in very particular places, more droughts and the unjust happenings and the terrible activities of corrupt humans and so on and so on and so on………
    Here in my part of the world, we had a seer, a prophet, a visionary, a woman that predicted future events. She would start sewing and doing beadwork. That is when she would start having visions. She would go into a trancelike state and start talking about future events. One thing she would say was, "In the future, brother will fight brother, and families will break apart" another,"Seasons will switch, in summer there will be snow, in winter ,it will be like summer" and the one that always gets me "there will be a time when you will see a frog hopping and the people will dive at it so they can eat"

    I want to share 2 Dreams/Visions he was allowed, years ago by the Grandfathers with those that will listen, like decades before the events that are now a daily happening…….

    ….he was approached in a dream by the Tornado Spirit….

    " the Spirit came as a huge tornado. it was huge!! I was so scared! i was frightened! I looked at it and it was spinning uncontrollably, I had to turn my head to see both sides. He started coming closer, and i was getting more scared, then He slowly turned into an old native elder, so I could understand. The Grandfather told me, "The Creator sent out 4 Grandfathers to go out and start the beginning of the cleansing. They will start slow. A lot of this will go unnoticed by many. Some of the 4 Grandfathers don't want to do what is asked of them, but they have to because they work for the Creator……they are the Fire spirit, the Wind Spirit, the Water Spirit and Mother Earth. Some will work together and also alone…"


    ….."they took me up …very high. I was looking down at the whole earth. I could see a long ways. I could see tornadoes as far as the eye could see. People were running in all directions not knowing where they were going. I was taken to this place which seemed higher. It was very dark. I looked down and seen this large circle of lights. The circle of lights were all campfires but they represented all the different peoples of earth and each campfire around the circle was connected to the middle. In the middle was a very bright light. It was so so so beautiful!!. I didn't want to look away it was so beautiful.
    The Grandfather took my arm and said, "I have to show you this now", but I didn't want to look away. I started crying cause I wasn't able to continue looking at the bright light. I tried to look at the Grandfather but for whatever reason I wasn't allowed. He said "I have to show you this now" then showed me the second circle of campfires and there were maybe 2 -3 that were connected to the center and the center was very dim…I cried and asked to go back to the other circle of campfires because it was so beautiful and made me feel so much joy. That's when he told me……. "This represents the peoples of earth. All the divisions that are here are created by man. That is why the light is dim in the middle. "Man" has to work together and have respect for each other to make it. Each group of peoples on earth have a gift that includes a Higher Power and were meant to use it together. The first circle of campfires I showed you was how it was meant to be and the center is The Creator". they showed me this way so I could understand."….

    And as we can plainly see (well provided we aren't completely blindfolded) that is exactly what is happening right as you read this…

    There were 4 races of peoples that were at the beginning. They were appointed guardianship and each were granted their own. The White race has the guardianship of the fire. The Red race has the guardianship of the land and it's plants , The Black race has the guardianship of the water. The Yellow race has the guardianship of the air(if you open up your mind, you can understand this). just open your eyes, it's all there. china, their air is so polluted but the yellow race also practice with the use of breathing. the black race has a lot of areas that are drought stricken. the white race has totally misused their gifts, just look at everything that we all use and what we use to hurt and gain power. and the red race has grown sicker and sicker, yet a lot still practice their gifts and as we have seen as of late they are trying very hard to regain who they are……

    We were granted by The Creator to do whatever We wanted, but were also given teachings to go along with these gifts. Over the time we are granted, the weaker peoples took what they were given and did exactly that, which is whatever they wanted to do with it. As history shows us, it is where we are now.
    You don't have to be super smart or geniuses to know, all you do is open your eyes and ears. The Creator granted us these gifts and also granted us a very beautiful planet to live on…Only one!.
    We are destroying Ourselves and Our lives, we have disrupted the very fabric of Life. We take things without gratitude and offer nothing. We have let Ourselves be weakened and taken over by "negative" because we did not practice what was gifted to us. We have grown away from all that help us live in harmony. We have created dysfunction and question all we know which has led to utter confusion. We think we know more then what Created us and for these reasons there will be consequences, which I believe is what is taking place now.
    Like I said before, all you have to do is open your eyes and see and listen with your ears, cause it is happening now, whether you believe this or not.

    Personally I know nothing except what The Creator allows me to know….. We need to allow The Higher power back into our lives(for Me, it's The Creator. I believe each Peoples of Earth have been granted they're own way to understand). Now life is complicated as we all know. There will always be deception, and all that goes with that…but with wisdom one can figure it out, provided the distractions of life aren't overwhelming, and we decide to be positive…….hope the best for all humanity.

  3. I gave the thumbs down because this channel has ever since been posting meteorites and natural events in the sky like the northern lights and lightning as "signs of the times." If these are allegedly so, the "signs of the times" should have started thousands of years ago.

  4. Спасибо, жаль русский отстаёт ) очень информативное видео Не понимаю, почему учёные доказывают, что все норм и их статистика им доказывает, что количество всех аномалий вовсе не увеличивается

  5. TODAY 29 SEPTEMBER – 2017 .destruction message for USA. in October 2017. fire – hurricanes – severe flood – snow blast – hail – cold 60 gr – earthquake -. Continued Isaiah 42: 1-9. destroys USA – many other nations. which are anti-education of Jesus Christ. Revelation 11: 5-6. IF THE .
    Send mesag 29/09/2017.
    2017 and 2018 . Destroys total USA .
    FIRE OK ♥ – FLOOD OK ♥- HURRICANE OK ♥.-HAIL OK ♥> Hailstorm . the rest is about to arrive DESTROYS ♥ USA .)


    As prophesied in 44:9-15:

    A massive asteroid will hit somewhere in Middle East.
    Celestial firestorm: Comet or asteroid slams into earth. Vaporized rock and debris cause by the impact shoot into space. As the debris re-enters the atmosphere each of the trillions of grains of sand would generate 1,800 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
    The resulting heat will burn living organisms within a 100 mile radius.
    Total devastation will envelope the Arab world, main opponents of God, His miracle, and His Messenger of the Covenant (9:97, 3:81, 33:7).
    The Quranic prophecy in 44:10-15 will come to pass: A giant dust cloud will envelope the whole world and obscure the sun for a few months.
    In fulfillment of 17:92, the Arabs will mock and ridicule this prophecy.
    When will this happen? I do not know when; but I have a strong feeling that this will take place before the end of 1990. Only God knows the exact time.


    Indeed, they are full of doubt, heedless. Therefore, look for the day when the sky brings a tremendous smoke. It will envelope the people: “This is a painful retribution. Our Lord, remove this retribution for us, we now have believed.” How come they now take heed, when a messenger had come to them, but they disregarded him and said, “Well educated, but crazy.” We will remove the retribution a little bit. But then, you will soon revert.

    Thus, our Almighty Creator is informing us about the consequences of disbelieving in His consolidating messenger, God’s Messenger of the Covenant.

    We are told clearly, by God Himself,

    that the day will come when a tremendous smoke will envelope all the people on earth. Scientists – astronomers – know that such a disaster can happen when an asteroid hits the earth, During 1989, the earth experienced a near-miss with a huge asteroid. That was God’s warning to the disbelievers.

    Also, we learn from several verses in the Quran that a divinely authorized retribution of this magnitude comes to pass ONLY and soon after the sending of God’s messenger (17:15).

    The proofs are abundant that the messenger referred to in 44:13 is God’s Messenger of the Covenant:

    1. By adding the sura number (44) plus the verse number (13), we get 57, 19×3.

    The Quran’s 19-based mathematical miracle was revealed through God’s Messenger of the Covenant.

    2. The sum of sura numbers plus the number of verses from the beginning of the Quran to 44:13, is 5415, or 19x19x15.

    3. In the same verse (44:13) the word “Zikrā ذكرى ” used is exactly the same word used to describe the Quran’s 19-based miracle (74:31). This powerful correlation links the Smoke with God’s miracle and God’s Messenger of the Covenant.

    4. The description of the messenger by his adversaries as “Well educated, but crazy” (44:14) has already been uttered by today’s disbelievers in reference to Rashad Khalifa.



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