SOTT Earth Adjustments Summary – March 2018: Serious Climate

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SOTT Earth Changes Summary – March 2018: Intense Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

4 Nor’easters strike the East coast of the US and Canada this March, bringing arctic circumstances and meters of snow, leaving millions devoid of light and simple providers, disrupting site visitors and destroying crops. Curiously more than enough, the fourth Nor’easter arrived just hours right after the spring equinox.

Storms in Texas and Alabama brought history dimension hail that prompted prevalent destruction around many counties, meanwhile California endured one of its worst floods in many years, and record snowfall in the West.

On the other facet of the Atlantic, the British isles ongoing to go through the ravages of the ‘Beast from the East’ that joined forces with Storm Emma, plummeting temperatures and breaking snowfall data.

The relaxation of Europe also experienced its share of unseasonably intense cold, with uncommon snowfalls in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Romania. Meanwhile, frozen canals in Amsterdam amazed locals.

Saudi Arabia was been battered the moment and once again in March by formerly unusual snowfall, hail, floods and now a huge crack in the earth. It appears to be like the earth’s crust is opening up…

Kenya endured a single of their heaviest rainy seasons, with report floods, landslides and a 3 km crack in the earth that disrupted site visitors and baffled witnesses. Meanwhile Algeria was blanketed by a scarce snowfall that weakened crops and disrupted the lives of hundreds of folks.

Australia ongoing to go through the power of large rains, hail and floods throughout March, and tropical cyclone Marcus smashed Darwin, leaving popular destruction.

Significant rain, report floods and landslides hit South The us this March, impacting 1000’s. Meanwhile, huge waves battered the coasts of Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

And of system, meteor fireballs sightings carry on to increase, when overhead explosions also getting additional and a lot more widespread.

We also had a share of enraged animals, stranded whales and dolphins, mass animal fatalities, and out of put birds. The animal kingdom is also telling us that something is not quite right on the BBM. Current information that our planet’s ocean currents are undergoing dramatic transform just adds to the rather frigid global outlook.

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  1. I love your compilations because they show world events and they don't politicize or promote a certain religion or agenda. The ad at the end was slightly disappointing for that fact alone. I do understand that its needed to pay bills, so I won't stop watching or fault you for having. I just wanted to share my thoughts on it. Keep up the good work.

  2. thank you!!! yes i believe we are a big part of the cause… i remember 8 years back when this length of video was made for a whole year. this video was for a month.
    i have shared this before on previous vids of sott. and i am grateful that there is a bit at the end about what the world is slowly opening up to.
    plz, i know this is a long read, but allow me…and yes i believe it all ties in together.

    i believe we are in a time when we are starting to open our minds or! have our minds ripped open whether we like it or not. there is so much happening in this world and there is so much we are "playing" with. we often forget… we have forgotten completely, that we have lived on this planet for thousands of years before. the native americans, for example, have survived and thrived for 10,000 years or more on their beliefs and way of living…..thousands of years!. yet we have forgotten. if you really think about it, we have only started technologically evolving in only less than 200 years. that's 200 years……two…….hundred. (started roughly about the time they changed the tuning of instruments to 440hz…connection? no connection? i'm just saying). there is a reason the past civilizations have been wiped off the face of this earth and i do believe we will find out (briefly lol) ourselves.

    I talked to an elder about 10 years ago about things he was told by his Grandfathers years before…..He told me of these events that have gotten worse in the past 10 yrs. more frequent and bigger tornadoes and in places they were never seen, more floods and in places they wouldn't "normally" be, more "waterspouts" that are showing up to cause more floods, more snow in places not normally seen,more volcanoes and earthquakes and also in places they wouldn't "normally" be, more vicious fires in very particular places, more droughts and the unjust happenings and the terrible activities of corrupt humans and so on and so on and so on………again, he told me of these things roughly 10 years ago.
    I want to share 2 Dreams/Visions, this elder i talked to was allowed years ago by the Grandfathers like decades before the events that are now a daily happening, with those that will listen…….

    ….he was approached in a dream by the Tornado Spirit…

    " the Spirit came as a huge tornado. it was huge!! I was so scared! i was frightened! I looked at it and it was spinning uncontrollably, I had to turn my head to see both sides. He started coming closer, and i was getting more scared, then He slowly turned into an old native elder, so I could understand. The Grandfather told me, "The Creator sent out 4 Grandfathers to go out and start the beginning of the cleansing. They will start slow. A lot of this will go unnoticed by many. Some of the 4 Grandfathers don't want to do what is asked of them, but they have to because they work for the Creator……they are the Fire spirit, the Wind Spirit, the Water Spirit and Mother Earth. Some will work together and also alone…"


    ….."they took me up …very high. I was looking down at the whole earth. I could see a long ways. I could see tornadoes as far as the eye could see. People were running in all directions not knowing where they were going. then I was taken to this place which seemed higher. It was very dark. I looked down and seen this large circle of lights. The circle of lights were all campfires but they represented all the different peoples of earth and each campfire around the circle was connected to the middle. In the middle was a very bright light. It was so so so beautiful!!. I didn't want to look away it was so beautiful.
    The Grandfather took my arm and said, "I have to show you this now", but I didn't want to look away. I started crying cause I wasn't able to continue looking at the bright light. I tried to look at the Grandfather but for whatever reason I wasn't allowed. He said "I have to show you this now" then showed me the second circle of campfires and there were maybe 2 -3 that were connected to the center and the center was very dim…I cried and asked to go back to the other circle of campfires because it was so beautiful and made me feel so much joy. That's when he told me……. "This circle of lights represents all the peoples of earth. All the divisions that are here are created by man. That is why the light is dim in the middle. "Man" has to work together and have respect for each other to make it. Each group of peoples on earth have a gift that includes a Higher Power and were meant to use it together. The first circle of campfires I showed you was how it was meant to be and the center is The Creator". they showed me this way so I could understand."….

    And as we can plainly see (well provided we aren't completely blindfolded) that is exactly what is happening right as you read this.. We were granted by The Creator to do whatever We wanted, but were also given teachings to go along with these gifts. Over the time we are granted, the weaker peoples took what they were given and did exactly that, which is whatever they wanted to do with it. As history shows us, it is where we are now.
    You don't have to be super smart or geniuses to know, all you have to do, is open your eyes and ears. The Creator granted us these gifts and also granted us a very beautiful planet to live on…Only one!.
    We are destroying Ourselves, Our lives and Our Planet, we have disrupted the very fabric of Life. We are delving in the very heart of Creation, quantum physics, string theory, yet we know nothing but the surface. We take things without gratitude and offer nothing. We have let Ourselves be weakened and taken over by "negative" because we did not practice what was gifted to us and what was placed clearly in front of us. We have grown away from all that help us live in harmony. We have created dysfunction and question all we know which has led to utter confusion. We think we know more then what Created us and for these reasons there will be consequences, which I believe is what is taking place now.
    Like I said before, all you have to do is open your eyes and see and listen with your ears, cause it is happening now, whether you believe this or not.
    and what's the connection to this vid you might ask? well….everything, every single thing on this planet, every single thing in existence is connected. by Natural Law….That which "The Creator" wrote …..
    Natural Law. it is one, immense, beyond any mind, beyond any comprehension, entity that is what is. we have evolved, which is natural. we have grown more intelligent, and we have been given teachings to go with our evolution, which we have forgotten. we are like children that refused to listen to their parents and went their own way. and suddenly, their bodies start changing and they can't, for the life of them, understand why…..they don't know what to do.
    we have grown intelligent and we are delving in what we think we understand and creating all kinds of problems for ourselves and happenings like wars, famine, deceitful events like 9/11, etc etc etc.
    somehow there is a force that is in each and all of us that is connected to all that is. and all that is, is effected by everything else around us. that's why this world is going in the direction it is today. we, humans, have something that is very very powerful in each of us. and we are slowly being woken up to this in all aspects of creation(and also forcefully awoken to it). it shows in all walks of humanity today. we have seers, visionaries, street magicians, deceivers, spiritual events, celestial events, cosmic events, we see further than we've ever seen, we see atoms, and even smaller yet, we've entered dna patterns, we are slowly understanding our past messages and events and so much more we have done but is ignored and so so much more that i've not written here. there is a negative and a positive in all things. and today, this time we are in, it is the negative that has become strong. and there is proof that there are things out there that we know nothing of, but because of cognitive dissonance, we walk away. it's all there… in front of us…….

    Personally I know nothing except what The Creator allows me to know….. We need to allow The Higher power back into our lives(for Me, it's The Creator. I believe each Peoples of Earth have been granted they're own way to understand). life is complicated as we all know. There will always be deception, and all that goes with that…but with wisdom one can figure it out, provided the distractions of life aren't overwhelming, and we decide to be positive…….
    ………hope the best for all humanity.

  3. Interesting, the 31.03 Saudi Arabia video had a date in the lower left corner showing as 2018/3/2. Is there such a delay?




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