SOLO Wintertime THUNDERSTORM Right away Lean-to Unexpected emergency Tarp Shelter, Extreme Weather conditions Camping

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I went out with my belgian malinois Cairo substantial into mountains anticipating snowstorm. Rather there was big rainstorm, cold rain, and great deal of thunders all around. I developed all-natural body shalter with raised mattress and I covered it with Aquaquest’s Survivor tarp. Good excursion, fantastic classes figured out.



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  2. You see the difference of suposticative survival scenery and the true life survival situation….this isn't the right scenario…you could have done better…

  3. I love the interaction between Simon and his crazy doggo-a scream sometimes. I like that he is old school, enjoys Pukko blades and Polish/Finnish military equipment. His vids are always informative. Thanks for the great content Simon.

  4. Why not protect the fire with a little shelter over it, and maybe dry out some clothes..try a therm-a-rest roll up mat, and you can put that down put ur other mat on top of it

  5. Despite how much the dog costs you's a MALINOIS… one of the most loyal best breeds as long as you put the work in….

  6. Your new catch phrase for your channel is “ where the hell is my dog ? “ subscribed since your channel is great ! 👍👍👍😀

  7. I first noticed it in England and later in New England and only with deciduous trees- when a tree gets hit by lightning and doesn’t get killed, it will lightly steam every time it rains or there is a heavy mist. Some trees will also weep (drupe) especially those on ridge lines or stuck out in the open. In Rhode Island and Connecticut it might seem the whole tree cover it steaming because over time a lot of trees will get hit.
    I’ve done an internet search every so often and it appears too many people are too fussed with watching their feet not the trees.

  8. I will admit I haven't watched the video yet ( but I definitely will) I thought the thumbnail for was hilarious. You are on all fours in the rain look into at the fire while you dog is sitting happy and dry under the tarp. I wonder if he's thinking " where the hell is my master." Love it



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Seville, 2014.12