Snow-capped Meteora #4

Snow-capped Meteora #4 7

Snow-capped Meteora #4

Snow has fallen and settled. A thin layer of it covers the extreme terrain all around four monasteries (abbeys), visible on this shot, in Meteora, Greece:

—The Great Meteoron is viewed in the middle of the frame and highest of all others. It is dedicated to the Transfiguration (aka Metamorphosis) of the Saviour. It was built in c.1340–1348 AD on the 2,011 ft (613 m) high rock formation called Platys Lithos.

—The Varlaam (All Saints’) monastery is seen below and to the right of Great Meteoron. It was built in 1517-1518 on a 1,808 ft high (551 m) rock.

—The St. Nicholas (Anapafsás’s) abbey is seen on the extreme left and at the bottom of the frame, farthest away. A church on its first floor dates from the 14th century. Its main church (katholikon) was built in early 16th century and is famous for its exquisite frescoes painted by Theophanes the Cretan in 1527. The rock formation is 1,375 ft (419 m) high.

—The Roussanou (St. Barbara’s) monastery is seen above and to the right of St. Nicholas’ (closer). It was built in c.1528 on an extremely precipitous rock formation (1,588 ft or 484 m high) with very limited space available on its plateau.

Meteora is the name of the group comprising many impressive and lofty rock formations: The height of the sandstone megaliths ranges between 1,000-2,067 ft (300-630 m). The rock masses were formed 60 million years ago, are geologically unique and listed in UNESCO world heritage sites.

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I think I am leaving, therefore I am, I think.

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