Significant climate warnings predict more floods

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The climate is established to go on to have an affect on locations already having difficulties with the aftermath of Storm Dennis.

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  1. انا المهدي المنتظر المنتقم والقائد الاعلى للعالم اخر الرسل واخطرهم حقا وسر القران اللهم دمر العالم ولا ترحم احدا انهم كفار بالحجة واليقين وحرر البيان من الصحراء الغربية عاصمة العالم تحت اشراف حفيظ بوشعيب اخطر سياسي عرفته كندا

  2. Oh Father God please help the U.K. to stop flooding and please comfort those that need it, and send help for those who have lost their homes, business etc in Jesus' name, Amen.

  3. Os americanos destruíram o mundo com seus comportamentos e costumes errados e com tudo isso são loucos para aparecer até pelados e a pessoas imitando eles e as invenções principalmente os políticos que se vendem para qualquer um para enganar os pobres e A internet, inclusive vivem mexendo na minha linha de comunicação sendo que já avisei muitas pessoas e não adiantou

  4. The natural astronomical causation of climate change would happen anyway. The social causation of climate change is fossil fuel emissions recombining the equation between oxygen, hydrogen and carbon in our atmosphere through a higher amount of carbon humans emit every time they get into their car and turn on a light bulb. Oil and gas industries are the culprit, consumer capitalism is the cause. The war between science and religion continues. Religion sees the world through creationism and science sees nature as science. As more oil drilling takes place, particularly in the Arctic and gas exploration in the Mediterranean, more methane gas is released into the atmosphere, by the action of composition and separation melting ice, winds causing severe swing storms, reshapes our physical geological world and the planet heats up. Land originally above sea level become land under sea level and floods.

  5. Is it possible that the overbuilding of homes and parking lots and the loss of trees n natural habitat be the cause? Perhaps this was not noticeable before cuz it was rivers running in nature?



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