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Show Best five national parks in the world

Best five national parks in the world – Who is not interested in the natural beauty and uniqueness of a place? call it a national park. in the national park you can enjoy the natural beauty and uniqueness of the park. Many national parks in the world that presents its beauty and uniqueness, stunning scenery and beaches that spoil the eyes of visitors. The following five best national parks in the world:

Haleakala National Park-Hawaii
This national park is a national park located on the island of Maui, Hawaii, USA. Yes, this national park called Haleakala National Park.
This national park has a total area of ​​more than 130 square kilometers. The park is also built to protect a lot of fauna found only in this park.
Some tourist activities that you can do in Haleakala National Park is to see the sunrise or sunset, hiking, camping and others. Some of the equipment that you have to be prepared if you want to visit this national park is a hat, sunblock, sunglasses, food, drinking water, poncho, sneakers or hiking boots.
If you wish to visit the beach area in the park, you can visit the Kipahulu area. Well, when visiting this part do not forget to bring mosquito repellent anyway. Yes, to complete the journey wisatamu exploring the United States, do not miss the opportunity to visit a national park this one.

Acadia National Park
This national park is famous for its rocky coast and beautiful white sand. Although during the summer as it is today, the temperature of the water at the beach Acadia cool. Stunning underwater scenery make one of the reasons why he got into the best national parks in the world.

Olympic National Park
A beautiful view is offered national parks in Washington, peak guunung located around the park is covered in a layer of snow. Pacific coast in the garden is also very beautiful. This place is perfect for photography enthusiasts because of the scenery in a national park in Washington, this is fabulous. Three miles from the park there Shi Shi Beach, a beautiful beach when the tide.

Virgin National Park
National parks in Australia has a natural beauty that is not less interesting. Flanked by Saint John’s Island Hassel Island and the national park Virgin made a tourist attraction. Surrounded by mountain national park is suitable for you lovers of mountain climbing. Virgin national parks are also suitable for those who want to do a honeymoon couple.

Deosai National Parks , Scardu, Pakistan
Deosai National Park is located in Skardu and Astore hills, the northern part of Pakistan. The national park is located about 13,000 feet above sea level.
This national park has an area which is approximately 3,000 square kilometers. In addition, between November and May, you can see there is snow in the park. Meanwhile, in the summer time when there was no snow, you can achieve this national park from Skardu direction (north) and the hill Astore (west).
Some of the animals found in national parks, among others are the wolf, leopard, marmot and a number of birds often migrate. Well, when you have the opportunity to visit Pakistan, do not miss to visit the national park this one.

Are you interested in visiting one of the national parks? or you want to visit all the best five national parks? you will not be disappointed after a visit, because of the national park is the best national park in the world. so try to visit one or even all of the world’s finest national parks. I hope the above information can help you all.

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