Shop Build: Best Roofing Underlayment For Extreme Weather…

Shop Build: Best Roofing Underlayment For Extreme Weather... 7

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Got the beam for the firewood in place. Installed Grace Ultra. French door.



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  1. you did good dude, you and your wife work together well. I love the shop something I plan to do in the future as soon as lumber prices keep falling. I see lot's of lumber packs at Lowes and Home Depot so looks like this winter I'll be building as much as I can from the wheelchair and getting some help to put up walls and roofing. Have to get my Mig/Tig welder going too. Lot's of Aloha.

  2. In my industry, we had a rule after any cutting with a wheel or torch, grinding and welding then a fire watch had to take place for at least 30 minutes after the last work was done. Food for thought, as we all take some things for granted until they bite you on the backside.

  3. Wow. Two years already! I remember you guys living out front in the trailer for a bit like it was yesterday.

    I'm as nosy as they come. Been wondering what had you in the hospital a few videos back and now cedar. Hope all is well.

  4. I love Cedar’s fall decor inside the house. Now that she has access to all her containers, hopefully there will be more seasonal decor in future videos. It’s great to see you build the house (and shop, cabin, etc.), but it’s also nice to see Cedar making it your guys’ home.

  5. I have been hooked to your videos for about a year. It's the narration for me. You have the most amazing stories to tell. I don't know how to fix anything, but I do watch. Great work!

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Pond on Fire

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