Severe Winter Storm… up to 5 toes of snow, Severe Weather conditions.

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**Usually BE Confident TO Request Formal GUIDENCE FROM THE NWS AND OR THE NHC IN THE Scenario OF A Harmful OR Existence THREATENING Function**

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In today’s movie we are likely to discuss about the Approaching Serious Winter season Storm, this storm will characteristic up to 5 ft of snow probably, and several times of extreme temperature.

This serious winter storm has potential to be historic, as it will very last very long for the Rockies, and bring huge amounts of snowfall.

The Significant Climate will previous times, and we will observe it continuesly over the coming days.

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  1. Dec-Feb temps 1.8 degrees above normal with 2” above normal snowfall here in western MD. Finally a normal snow season, although with the exception of a 20 day stretch of colder than normal temps beginning January 31, this winter was fairly mild. Hopefully next winter will be snowier and colder than normal. It’s been since 2009-2010 that we’ve had a decent winter.

  2. When it comes to NE Ohio weather, it could almost qualify as a parallel universe! The late Dick Goddard would've agreed. NE Ohio's weather motto: "Don't like the weather? Wait a couple of minutes, it'll change."

  3. It's Trump's fault and all his Nazi followers. They refuse to accept climate change and the impending end of our world. But wait!! What's this?? Yes !!!! Biden, AOC and Ketchup man Kerry will save us with their New World Order climate plan!!! It will only cost you suckers $15 trillion dollars. Ya baby!!!

  4. Good work. I live in Parker Az. which is the next town below Lake Havasu along the Colorado River. The last time I remember a good snow storm here was February 2, 1985. And I am wishing for snow down here. Like I did that year.

  5. It was not uncommon to receive 18 inches a snow storm when I lived in Rindge NH. Rindge is closer to the NH/MA border. Its a mountain state, and receives snow. I do not want to remember the rain that followed so many snowfalls there. The snow was aqua colored, many times in the following sunlight.

  6. By the way it looks like it is going to be another big snowstorm possible for the northeast. The GFS, keeps showing something big everyday it’s been consistent that storm is basically only seven days away as well so it’s not too far out!

  7. Detroit can't even get one inch of snow entire month of March. It won't snow again here until at least next January. Probably won't snow then either. Fix is in .

  8. I tired of hearing about this storm. They can stick it. All Detroit getting from this storm is a whole bunch of wind! No snow! No storms! No hail! It fa king rigged! HAARP weather Modification, Chemtrails and Geoengineering. Woken Democrats love this too! Demented people that they are!



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