SEVERE WEATHER WARNING IN BULGARIA | Renovating a House in Bulgaria ??

Welcome back to another episode of The Phoenix Project!

Laura has been unwell, and so the renovation work has been slow for the past fortnight. However, we did get to experience our first Bulgarian Halloween party and some seriously extreme weather!

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  1. Hi guys,
    I lived in Polski Senovets,for four years.
    Me and the ex wife renovated a house from Top to bottom.
    We did a lot ourselves.
    Be careful,of the fabrication of your walls and roof,that keep you safe.
    A lot of Bulgrians sleep downstairs all winter,to keep warm.
    Stay safe and warm,least the winters are shorter❤

  2. Hi. I am on the cast halfway between Burgas and Varna. Plenty of room to park a camper if you need a seaside break. ? Assuming youu are from the UK? How difficult was it and what grounds did you use to get Dvisa?

  3. I’m really loving watching you guy’s settling in and how authentic and genuine you are. You are on a beautiful adventure and look so happy and unfazed about moving to a new country. I love how you are embracing the culture and find beauty in everything you do. ❤️

  4. and telling you again,coz you are nice big family,get big bulgarian sheperd dog,to live outside is no problem for him,no need much food 1 bred per day,here have all kind of predators,wolf,bears,snakes,boars and so on(tiefs to) and you have kids,our dogs know how to keep you safe and will give his live for you, and sorry will not boder you again. 🙂

  5. you can grown everything you want natural in your garden,can plant fruit trees,can look after bees to make honey,this is big difference between here and UK,and if you have few animals can make butter,milk and cheese 🙂

  6. Just found your channel and we are really enjoying watching your vlogs, brings back so many memories of our journey here and the first few months. Huge admiration for doing this with two youngsters in tow.

    There is a builders merchants in Popovo called дудо строй which can be found on google maps which may save you some trips to VT! It may also prove to be a little cheaper than Praktiker. We found that local builders yards in Targovishte are often cheaper.

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on and feel free to get in touch if you need anything.

  7. Please get this straight, Laws are not there to protect you and are only there to restrict and regulate our lives. Dont come here talking that BS about our laws in Bulgaria.

    I'm British and I love it here and the lack of laws work.

    The only scammers in Bulgaria are the estate agents, lawyers and other companies that claim they are helping you.

    The gypsy I have met all over Bulgaria are fantastic and I have had no issues at all but off course there are a few gypsy individuals that or opportunists.

    I trust the Bulgarian Mafia that most British moving here now.

    As a ex pat I integrate with the locals and I love the Bulgarian people.

    Enjoy your new house. ❤

  8. You are an unbelievable couple with beautiful little girls. working very hard to make a happy and safe life in that beautiful country. Congratulation. I saw you and how patient you are with your husband, etc. Relax and enjoy the route. God blessed you.??

  9. Sorry guys, in the Balkans you will need to change your Anglo-Saxon mentality….sorry. There are some very good things in BG as well. Not a really bad place, just needs a longer time to be understood. All the very best. We need positive ppl like you to begin the change, really….thanks for learning Bulgarian. Welcome to your new country! Sounds so good you also learn to read Serbian and Russian to a large extent! Unlocking more Slavic languages….maybe your daughter will become mayor and you giving an example to many people ? amazing and touching video…

  10. Hello, I follow your channel with interest. In Bulgaria, we have a belief that if you crack a nut and find that the nut is whole under the shell, it brings good luck and prosperity. 🙂

  11. Yes, you have an amazing hubby! Also, buying used cars in BG is no different (it sounds) than USA. Third party sales are "as is". When I bought my used van, drove it off, as soon as I did the check engine light came on. I spend over $800 USA a year on my vehicle but wouldn't have it any other way…got a deal on it, and it drives like a dream (until it doesn't). Great to see you all! (You're a hot mamma all doled up!--hubby don't be jealous, I'm an old grandma- What a fun life for the kiddos).