Severe weather slams U.S. as California digs out of heavy snow

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Rainy, icy and snowy conditions are expected from coast to coast in the nation’s upper tier. It comes as California has been slammed by record-breaking snow for this time of year, creating dangerous travel conditions and making it impossible for some people to leave their homes. Jonathan Vigliotti reports from Crestline, California.

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  1. Our tax money should be going to help get the resources the national guard needs, to dig people out! Instead they're doing it manually!! What the heck!! Where's our tax money going? UKRANE??!!😡

  2. They knew a storm was coming. That lady who ran out of food for herself and her cats? How? Wouldn't you have extra cases of catfood and extra canned goods like soup and packaged and dry foods if you lived in the mountains and especially knew a big storm was coming?

  3. ISN'T THIS the outcome the state said NOBODY could go there to deliver things but told ppl the WAIT days like a week 7 days, Before anyone could go there??
    Yet a snowmobile Could easily go to anyplace and deliver food , meds, and checkup on ppl? 
    Again the state of Calif prevented this essential rescue efforts I could have done with a snow mobile carrying a trailer of supplies. Now THEY caused ppl to die like this neglecting SIMPLE immediate help like that.

  4. Praying to whom? They denied God.. they want to change genders by force. Every conceivable evil on the face of earth is allowed in this area .. again .. pray to whom? Nature is not our mother, its created just like us and everything happens for a reason. Wake up.

  5. All this record cold in the midst of the GREATEST Global Warming phenomenon in recorded history of the planet too!!!
    Not just any regular Global Warming, but the GREATEST Global Warming phenomenon! In the recorded history of the planet!!!
    And whatever happened to all that Global Warming Kaka that you all were talking about? And for so long too?
    Is THIS the Global Warming that you all were talking about?
    Global Warming just like THIS?
    THIS very kind of Global Warming?

  6. The Lord of Heaven is sending a message of who is in charge, humanity has turned their back against God, we live in a society where evil is good and good is evil, the Word of God says woe to them who call evil good and good evil! Seek Jesus the Son of the living God. God became a man to prove that God can do whatever He desires, and Jesus is the Soul Shepherd of humanity but He also doesn't deal with sin and His judgements are righteous.

  7. My heartfelt prayers go out to everyone dealing with this blizzard. But I just have to say, how many years do people need to be repeatedly told about always being prepared with at least 2 -3 weeks of food, medicine, pet food, propane heaters, generators and other things. If you had been prepared, you would not have trouble feeding yourself or your pets after 5 days because you would have ready if something happens. No matter where you live, where there are hurricans, for power outages, tornados, flooding and blizzards be prepared!

  8. I live about 45 miles away from San Bernardino and it’s so cold down here without snow! I can only imagine how bad it is up there. If it was to snow down here where I live, I probably would only survive in 3-5 days. Praying for everyone up there! 🥹

  9. The winter needs to continue forever and ever until the US learns it's lessons, don't pee off the Seat of Power 8 because you are at risk of total destruction from his anger 👹😈👺☀️🌡️🔥🐵🌚🤠💩🇺🇲🐷🐺💀☠️⚰️😵😅🍋🤣😁😜😫😭🤪⭕ 7

  10. I lived in Washington state for 14years had 10’ in my driveway in less than 48 hours. At NO point was i thinking when is someone gonna come save me. If you live or visit snow country you should be prepared. I’m just wondering at what point did our society decide it’s someone’s job to save them.

  11. These same people will vote for the same politicians, with all the money we pay in taxes in California we should have fleets of Plows, and all the resources we need.




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