Severe weather for Arkansas and Oklahoma this week | Forecast April 3, 2023

Warm, humid south winds will meet a cold front Tuesday into Wednesday with severe storm potential with the threats for tornadoes, hail, and wind.

-5NEWS Weather

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  1. I'm located in Hot Springs, AR. I got some good footage of the wall cloud that went on to produce the LR tornado and put it on my channel. It's only 30 seconds long and pretty shaky from a mix of wind and adrenaline, but it's still satisfying. My little sister got a little damage on her house in LR but thankfully nothing major. I'm a huge tornado enthusiast, but I wish no hurt or death on anyone. I am just severely fascinated by tornadoes and lightning.

  2. Gee, it's almost like all those scientists who said this would happen way back in the '90's were right despite certain people's claims that Global Warming/Climate Change being a hoax.