Severe Weather conditions All-around THE Earth 22_23 FEB 2021

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Extraordinary Climate All over THE Planet 22_23 FEB 2021

00:00 Big fireball surprises Canada , 22 feb
00:49 Chicago, on Lake Michigan, a huge chunk of ice arrived off the coast of U.S. 22feb
02:10 Niagara Falls froze in bizarre methods
02:32 Mount Etna’s ‘incredibly powerful’ eruptions, 23 feb
06:10 powerfull Storm in the North Atlantic
07:01 Dawn captured from the frozen Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada.
07:23 Lake Zarzar a couple days in the past Al-Zabadani, Syria
07:30 Foam Sea Phenomenon in Cork, Ireland
07:39 Azerbaijan :snowflake: Approximately 30 automobiles collide in Qardagh Baku
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  1. Looks like you are getting flooded with videos. 👋😁
    You notice your name stands for us as in we or west to east as Gods wind blows in the windy city? The way that ice moved is how the land masses will move once the earth tilts 90° and then flips back. Do you think people understand what we are heading for? Grand Solar minimum is a mini ice age. Then a mini nova when the sun coughs a ring of fire coming towards the earth. A part of the earth will burn and then when it tilts the oceans will spill out of their bowls and flood the land masses. It will be epic as in the times of Noah. I hope people are preparing by gathering knowledge and understanding. Be well, God loves us and wants us to witness the power of his work. ✌🤓💖👍 Thank you for your work which I suspect was influenced by God.👋😁See you in the cloud.



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