Severe weather causing widespread damage across California

The severe weather that has been battering California is uplifting trees, opening sinkholes and destroying neighborhoods across the state. A state of emergency has been declared in many counties as communities look to clean up in the face of even more oncoming storms.
KTLA 5’s Carlos Herrera reports. (March 11, 2023)

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  1. No cause for damage???? With thousands still stranded n buried under snow???? Up in Crestline!!! All way up thru Rim Forest snd Twin Peaks.. roofs are collapsing and filks not even reached! Dude.. correct that news report, stat!

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  3. @KTLA 5 perhaps you could speak to the matter that the government is weaponizing the weather by planned weather manipulations! This was all done on purpose. Speak the truth, someone has to.

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