Severe temperature functions in a transforming local climate | DW Information

Severe temperature functions in a transforming local climate | DW Information 7

Human-manufactured local climate adjust is raising the frequency and depth of serious temperature. 2022 ongoing the trend of latest a long time being the warmest on history. Excessive warmth and h2o events impacted a lot of components of the world, with the greatest increases in temperature not where by you may expect.


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  2. Average Commercial Airplane
    Burn 11 to 13 tons of fuel per hour
    FACTS but we can't stop that we can go bully average people with their bills we can ban internal combustion cars but yachts and private jets can slip under

  3. Since when mankind has technology to control weather ?
    aprox since WW2 ?
    Can aĺl this climate-change-show be man-made ?
    why ?
    world economc forum psichopats planning new order for us ?
    CO2 is changeing climate ?
    trees breathe CO2,
    more CO2- more food,
    selfbalancing sistem.
    government are lying, always

  4. t's the Sun, it's cycles cannot be stopped.Nothing to do with the co2 scam.
    0.04% co2 in the atmosphere, 97% of that 0.04 is produced by the planet naturally. 3% of that 97% of 0.04% is added by humans. The amount is so small that it's not possible to cause any warming. During the Jurassic period, co2 was ten times higher, and life thrived.

  5. Pay attention kids, it’s not science, it’s politics. I’ve been hearing this nonsense for 50 years

    1960s – Oil gone in 10 years.
    1970s – Another ice age again in 10 years.
    1980s – Acid rain will destroy all crops in 10 years.
    1990s – The ozone layer will be destroyed in 10 years.
    2000s – The ice caps will be gone in 10 years.

    All lies. Nothing happened, but all resulted in more taxes.

  6. Developed country like us and g7 countries– all developing countres must stop industry and reduce carbon and co2 emmission

    Developing countries– these developed country already emmited millions of tons of carbon to make their country developed in past.
    We can't imporve our country economy without industry and carbon emmission.our country is just started developing period

  7. ??? ??????? ?? ? ?????? ?? ????????
    The two weeks of climate discussions at the COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, ended in disappointment. As CNN wrote, “The world has failed to reach an agreement to phase out fossil fuels … an attempt to address the biggest source of the planet warming emissions that are causing the climate crisis ended in a fiasco after a number of nations, including China and Saudi Arabia, blocked a key proposal to phase out all fossil fuels, not just coal.” While the members reached an agreement “to set up a ‘loss and damage’ fund meant to help vulnerable countries cope with climate disasters,” it will not reverse climate change or solve our major problems.
    We may be able to assist with local climate crises, but we cannot change the global climate with our current attitude. If we want to change the climate, we must change it on all levels, and first and foremost the social climate we have created. As long as it is negative, aggressive, and heating up, the global climate will reflect it.
    The reason we hold global climate conferences is that the climate is a global issue. Everything we do, in any country, affects the global climate. Therefore, without global mutual consideration, humanity will not be able to resolve the climate crisis.
    Regrettably, to work in global mutual consideration, we must develop empathy toward all of humanity and rise above the narrow interests of each country. We are nowhere near such an attitude. On the contrary, each country tries to impose decisions that serve its own interests on the rest of the world, and the result is a climate world war where everyone loses.
    As is the case with every war, the rich and powerful countries set the tone. They continue to burn fuels that pollute the air and accelerate climate change, and nothing will stop them unless natural disasters become so extreme that they will force all of humanity to change. In the meantime, as lip service, or perhaps to buy the world’s consent, they set up “loss and damage” funds to “repair” the damage. Such funds do not solve anything, and everyone realizes this.
    Besides extreme weather and climate disasters, the climate crisis has another adverse impact: Icebergs that have been frozen for thousands of years, and often far longer, are thawing. And buried in the ice are countless viruses that have been reawakened, and for which our bodies have no immunity. Scientists are already warning that the next pandemic may actually come not from wild animals or human errors, but from melting icebergs. A paper published two years ago aptly named it the “permafrost pandemic,” and warned of “the risk that deadly diseases from the distant past may return.”
    Indeed, if you look at all the crises plaguing the world today, you will find that none of them are local. Covid is a global issue, climate change is affecting the entire planet, rising energy prices and interrupted supply chains are affecting all of humanity, and even a local crisis such as the war in Ukraine has serious consequences for the entire world. The interdependence already affecting all of humanity will only intensify until we are unable to make a single movement, to take a breath, without affecting the entire world.
    On the positive side, none of our problems are insurmountable. In every single crisis, if we only work together rather than against each other, it will disappear as though it never existed.
    All that is needed in order to fix our every plight is to change our attitude and put humanity first. Since reality is global, so should be our order of priorities. Prioritizing humanity will not only help the entire world, but every single individual, precisely because we are irrevocably interdependent. If we continue to impose a narrow vision on an expansive reality, we will continue to collide with one another and with all of nature. If we change our attitude, we will change the climate, and we will change the world.

  8. I no longer feel jealous to people who live in exotic countries. Here in Baltics, landscape maybe boring. But at least we live in a stable place where no flood, no tornado, no tsunami, no volcano and no earthquake threatening to kill you every day… Although we too experiencing +12 Celsius in middle of winter. That never happened before. I would understand -12 but not +12, that's unheard-of

  9. In the 1970's they called it Global Cooling. In the 1980's they called it Global Warming. In 2000 they called it Climate Change. Now they call it Climate Crisis or whatever else they need to in order to move the goal posts and further their agenda….

  10. There is NO climate change (global warming or El Nino)

    BUT the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’ (‘Birth Pang's in some versions) spoken of in Matthew 24:6-8 &
    Mark 13:5-8 began way more than three decades ago!

    Why are so many afraid that 'climate change' is going to “kill” the earth?

    When God promises a new Heaven & a new earth!!!

    Read; Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; 2Peter 3:13; & Revelation 21:1-2

    Learn the TRUTH…Read Your Bible, It has the ONLY truth in this world!!! LtT><>

  11. none of these events are unprecedented. Every thing that has happened in the last 20 years has happened FREQUENTLY in the past. The only difference is the definition, which change ever few years to make it look like they are getting worse.

  12. I'll stop using all petroleum & all devices even if it kills everything on earth !!!
    The biggest "conspiracy theory" in the world today is convincing people we don't have a "creator/destroyer".
    2023 will fascinating for some & terrifying for other's.

  13. Science proves that CO2 levels do NOT affect global warming because the AGW global-warming enthusiasts fail to apply well-known solar- particle datasets, using irradiance instead, failing to note earth's weakening magnetic field, which modulates interactions between earth and sun, because of their failure to understand newly understood paths of solar forcing. Their bias and ignorance are distributed to a society misled by a pseudoscience political narrative. Micronova is a more reasonable explanation of climate change.

  14. Can anyone stop the wind from blowing ? ? or the earth ? from spinning ?. Please nobody can change what's coming is a planet. Wake up humans is just another way to make money and create fear ?

  15. What's important is that we continue to grow our economy at least 3% a year. Any problems with climate change can be solved with complex, energy intensive solutions funded by the government.

  16. Ignorance is a dangerous poison when shared.
    If you want to know whats going on, go watch the video "What Milankovitch Cycles Will Do To Earth".

    Although sadly, if you do watch that video you wont be able to blame the changing climate on the planet on people driving cars anymore, but hey.. whatever.

  17. ..the world has been de-icing for the past 18,000 years…the problem isn't the climate, it's 8 billion people with huge urban centers at se level. Honestly, the world doesn't care..

  18. The border crisis, inflation, monetary crisis, education, healthcare crises, etc., are all due to horrible decisions made by illegitimate people. And climate change is just a power grab for money and power

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