Severe Temperature Dominates 2021 As Washington Stalls On Weather

It can be obtaining more durable for Washington and the entire world to overlook what appears to be like like the escalating impacts of local climate change.

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Written by weatherwtf


  1. Hey! International Online Conference. "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone" – allatra tv

    (p.s. everything is organized by volunteers)

  2. paleocene-eocene thermal maximum look it up. Climate change is a political hoax. Changes that the Democrats are talking about takes minimum 200,000 years.

  3. The Biden administration is currently working on an infrastructure package and I believe it should set up a US Gov't laboratory whose mission is to solve the climate change problem, given a $10B/yr budget. This money could be used to:
    • Develop factories that mass produce equipment that makes green hydrogen gas (H2), and green liquid ammonia (NH3).

    • Develop factories that mass produce generation 4 nuclear reactors, and automate the construction of nuclear reactor buildings.
    The $10B/yr initiative automates, to the extent required, to make green energy cheaper than carbon-based fuels. This gets us worldwide decarbonization, since customers will buy green to save money. And this gets us capital market participation, which means banks and bond markets will pay for green energy power stations, and factories that supply them. Economic principles state that customers favor lowest cost products, and capital markets follow customers.
    There is a video that talks more about this:

  4. Its almost like the cost of damages will soon exceed the cost of building infrastructure.
    republicans will be the downfall of not only the US, eventually the world

  5. Hank kunneman prophesied extreme weather on west coast, volcanoes and shaking of the earth. Please correlate that.

    This cry for climate change is also a prophetic sign. Watch out for chuck schulner!! Timothy Dixon, robin bullock, kim clement. Just saying pay attention.
    Not climate change but the hand of God. Cancel mother earth and pray to father God.

  6. The Democrats are pushing this phony narrative, Climate Change the only reason these idiots are pushing this joke is to make money, and lots of it. Climate change is a way of scaring people to do what they want, If you go and put panels on your roof you will be very sorry in the future when these panels start breaking down and flying off your roof, can you imagine the cost to replace these flying plastic panels? What if your panel damages the house next door will your insurance cover that, I don't think so. Gas & oil will always be the best and smartest way for energy so don't be the dumb person and fall for these scare tactics.

  7. At least the homeless will be safe if a firestorm runs through your city ? town? suburb? Fire Insurance? Lake Mead is lookin low? Orville too? Power outages?

  8. Indian artifacts have been found in central Florida indicating that the shoreline of the ocean was much higher than it is now. Remember fools like Chuck Todd claimed in 1970 that the earth would be a giant snowball by 2,000 if we did not stop climate change immediately. Just like now they attempted to cause fear over nothing because they are and were completely wrong. Also for those of us that live at high elevation global warming is a blessing for our gardens.

  9. Better get people in New York City to boycott all of the oil industries' shareholders since we now know that they're the ones responsible for all the climate denial!

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  11. Ever notice how selective people are about CO2 emissions? On 4th of July we eat a couple billion pounds of hamburger and set off a couple billon tons of fireworks, big “travel holiday”(huge carbon footprint), and it is celebrated as “American freedom”. This level of cognitive dissonance makes it impossible to reverse climate change.

  12. Chuck Todd providing Anecdotal evidence to get viewers to vote Democrat? I guess it's Politically easier than calling for a Cut in defense spending. ??

  13. Hey Chucky, why does everything have to rely on politics. You know that there are other more effective ways to solve problems right? Outside of covid stuff, when's the last time D.C. passed actual meaningful legislation?

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