Severe Temperature CUTS SHIP IN 50 percent! – Stormworks: Establish and Rescue Gameplay – Sinking Ship Survival

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Extraordinary Temperature CUTS SHIP IN 50 percent! – Stormworks: Build and Rescue Gameplay – Sinking Ship Survival

Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s Let’s Perform of Stormworks Update Gameplay. Today we are doing some extraordinary weather ship sinking survival in Stormworks!

About Stormworks:
This is a sport exactly where you can layout and pilot your have sea-rescue services, in a prosperous and extraordinary physics playground. Steer or fly your tailor made-made, block centered, programmable automobiles into intense oceanic storms. Approach and execute thrilling rescues in a variety of hard disaster eventualities.




Scrap Mechanic:

Brick Rigs:


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  1. comodo can you please do a battle ship so you ob and spycakes can battle each other and who wins what disaster you will do on sinking tuesday

  2. Its dumb but you should have stayed on it longer because if you have ever read or watched the Finest Hours thats what they did. the drove it until it ran aground and a single small boat got all the crew off. and than the ship got battered by the waves until it sank

  3. I thought the ship would sink at around 6 AM in game time but the sinking started at around 2 AM in game time and the bow portion (the front) sank at around 4 AM in game time

  4. The ship itself is an old World War Two era T2 Class tanker for those who want to know. They built a nearly 550 of the things and they were dogged by welding and steel problems 'hence the breaking in half' which as far as I know were never fully corrected. After the war some continued in military service up to Vietnam and many were sold to the civilian market.




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