Serious Weather

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PSA for the Intense Weather reducing via the state. Reminder to keep a couple primary goods in your car, they could maintain you safe in an unexpected emergency.

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  1. Awesome. Thank you. I’ve been waiting for someone to address this issue . Please do more of these. All those folks stranded in the on I 95 last month for 36 hours. No one, NOT ONE Prepper addressed it in a timely fashion. 1o days later I was still looking for my ‘favorite” Prepper to speak on it. I’d like content creators to use the news to figure out relavent topics they can do videos on. Personal SHTF situations. You hit a deer on a deserted snowy road at night. You have no cell service. You wake up in a ditch pinned in the car. Etc. etc. And let’s not forget to start out with the obvious in all videos. Example , try not to go out at night in bad weather, explain to folks why. But if they must tell them how they can minimize risks and danger and what to do if everything goes left .

  2. Hello from South Texas, Thank you for the information. Keep prepping Spiritually Physically and Mentally 🙏⚔️🛡✝️🛐. God Bless you and your family.



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