Serious weather: Major snow and rain keep affecting China

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Not too long ago, China has been experiencing some natural disasters and extraordinary weather this sort of as significant snow and rain during summertime. Some regions in China were lined with snow although some others were intensely flooded as a consequence.
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  1. Stupid where country have north & south even in USA & Canada 🤣😂😂😂😂 northern are closing to Russian southwest just like USA Texas also flood outta control


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  3. As a polytheist this is like watching the land itself rebel. The lands, air, and water have been poisoned for selfish reasons. The rivers have been mangled and the desert is beginning to devour everything. Multiple omens have appeared from black swans, red sky's, and knife tax men. It's been enjoyable to watch the land show its anger and the nation also become infuriated with their leadershit.

  4. too much mega projects, these unusual phenomenon increased since they finished the 3 gorges. now they are tampering with mt everest. they also converted too much productive land, built mega cities so water has no where to go. wasting so much water flowing to the sea. they are in a such rush for development.

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